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Street Fighter V Dolls

With the release of A Shadow Falls, the usage of Vega's 12 dolls became tactile. We finally saw, in CPU-playable form, 6 of the remaining 9 dolls. Of course Juli, Juni and Decapre were all playable with their appearances in SFZ3 and in USFIV. However the awesome story mode showed us Enero, Février, Märs, Aprile, Satsuki, Santamu. Shown, but not in fighting form, Noembelu, Xiayu and Jianyu were all in there too. It was awesome and made me hopeful for a future mode (even if not online) in which we'll be able to use some of these.

So, why not capture their persona and compare to the sprites from SFZ3 that I posted 11 years ago. Therefore, the unneccessary excessiveness of this site continues.

Jianyu, Xiayu, Juli, Santamu
Février, Satsuki, Aprile, Noembelu

Street Fighter Zero 3 / Street Fighter V Comparison

These girls are in order of month (the number). Their names correspond to the name of their month in their country, with the exception of Noembelu, which is Latin and she was born in Mexico.

The sprites beneath were taken from the scene where Vega hearkens them all to him. In this, we see 9 of the 12 Dolls. Enero, Juni and Jianyu were not present. Therefore there were no sprites for them. I ripped a stock stance of Juli just to fill the void. Here's the close-up of the cast.

They weren't as fleshed out and unique as they are now. At the time they were sold as clones, which canon tells us isn't quite the case. So at the time, the idea was uniformness. Barring Decapre's mask and Noembelu's feather, the only real difference was their hair color/length and tie color. I'm glad Capcom's expanded their unique qualities over the years. Xiayu's face paint. Satsuki's mask. Aprile's eye patch. Oh, and note that Juni is out of the game. She's good and can be found in Cammy's story mode. Thus the Bengus drawing and not in-game capture.

1: Enero (Spain)
2: Février (France)
3: März (Germany)
4: Aprile (Italy)
5: Satsuki (Japan)
6: Juni (Germany)
7: Juli (Germany)
8: Santamu (Vietnam)
9: Xiayu (China)
10: Jianyu (China)
11: Noembelu (Mexico)
12: Decapre (Russia)