Ys: The Ultimate Utopia – Launched (sorta…)

Ys: The Ultimate Utopia

OK, many many years ago I started working on (yet!) another website covering the Ys series of games. It’s something I did in my spare time, much like my previous 100 sites. Sadly though, I never really had time to complete it. There it sat on my hard drive, year after year, with only incremental updates when I felt inspiration. The main reason for holding off on the launch was that I never covered Ys and Ys II, which are the main reasons I know of the series.

However, seeing as how I did put so much effort into what was completed, I feel it’s time to launch the essentially-already-dead project. It might give me some motivation to finish off some sections actually.

Feel free to browse the little I actually did complete by visiting Ys: The Ultimate Utopia in its glorious, incomplete state.

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