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Ys: The Ultimate Utopia

8th February, 214: Ys Eight
I came across this new image and thought I should toss it on this site. Urgh, it's hideous! I sure wish I could get around to making this a real website! Alas, time is not on my side. The PS4 and Vita appear to be getting a new Ys game in the coming year! Taking place sometime before Ys 7 and possibly between Ys 5 and Ys 6, the other details are standard. Adol, new system elements, familiar faces - all check! Sea appears to be the theme. I imagine the 2015 release date is only for Japan, so western gamers will just hope for another excellent XSEED translation sometime in 2016.

Info and screens from The Magic Box and Siliconera.

11th March, 2012: Ys WHAT???
OK, I didn't think I would have many updates for this page but alas! something new! In looking for titles for the wonderful new PSVita, I noticed an odd title. Ys Celceta: Sea of Trees? WHAT IS THIS? A remake of Ys IV(I think it's Dawn Of Ys)? Oh yeah! With XSeed Games localizing recent Ys titles, it's a shoe-in for the west. Count me in...I'm friggin' psyched! In any event, I've tossed up an Ys Celceta section with very, very little...but hey, I updated the page! Aren't you proud of me?

4th March, 2012: Site Launched! Site Dead!!
My first exposure to Ys was back in 1990 when it was released on the TurboCD. In the more than two decades since, I've often gone back to listen to those soundtracks, play different versions and generally kept up on the wonderful series.

This site was designed to cover all the games in the series with as many resources as I could offer. Sadly, it never really got off the ground. Above, you'll see links to games 3-7 as well as some of the side stories. I never got around to culling through the endless amount of material for the best two games, Ys and Ys II. As is, the site will never really go anywhere, but you never know. For now, enjoy the little I got around to completing all with a wonderful mid-200s style basic design!