SFxT: Thoughts

I’m quite enjoying the arcade nature of this game. It’s dumbed down, ala the Marvel versus games, and has all the flash of that series as well. However, it’s a bit more true to the SF world and I love it. The cross combos are fun and spectacular to watch, the roster is huge and rather diverse, and there are plenty of modes to tinker with. It’s taken all the good from the SF4 games and carried it over. The downside is that a lot of it looks familiar.

We should point out that Poison is exactly as I envisioned her to be. Over the top and ridiculous. The fact that the game has a story at all is kinda cool, and the rival battles are somewhat meaningful and fun. While I got this from GameFly, I’ll be sad to send it back. But, with all the DLC planned, a GOTY version would be welcome. I’m still waiting on UMVC3 for that very reason. So glad I didn’t take the plunge for the initial release.

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