Tuesday Rumblings

I hate Tuesdays. They are the worst day of the week. The novelty feel of Monday has worn off. It’s not yet Wednesday. Hello Tuesday; I hate you.

OK, Today’s rumblings. First off, the Yankees won last night. It was nice seeing them string hits together and having that feel of certain victory. I don’t care that it came against the (3-0!) Baltimore Orioles. It’s a W. We started off 1998 0-3 as well.

Windmill Cube Solved! OK, that’s not news, but doing so without a guide is! I was using my
notes and algorithms but with so little to remember, I was kinda proud of getting it done myself. It’s a fun cube!

JKB’s Posthuman comes out soon and I hope to have a promo shortly. Definitely looking forward to this one. More over at Crumbling Flesh when it does arrive.

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