Vacation Over: Back To Work = …?

OK, so my week off is over. I may say I hate vacations but I got to spend a full week waking up and hanging out with the boy and my sunshine (that’s Aiden and Kairi for the uninitiated). In any event, what’s the week to come to bring?

Module: Imagineering

First off, I’m kinda psyched that Module has released a new album. His Site has the full album…I should just buy it? The Shatter soundtrack is just about perfection. From what I’ve heard, I like this…I don’t love it. Oops…I was listening to samples from his first album. NP: The new one. OK, I more than like it.

What I DO love? The Yankees coming back from 9 down yesterday. I think the rain-out today is actually beneficial to the Sox. Let’s face it, they won’t be this bad forever. When we make this game up, likely sometime in September, they’ll win it. Mark my words.

I guess I miss my students a little bit. Sue me for loving my job so much.

The Windmill Cube is the bomb…BTW. So much fun.

To work in the AM. Bring it on!

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