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Game Info
Ys IV: Dual Releases

Much has been said about the two versions of Ys IV but I'll let you read Hardcore Gaming 101 as their history of it is rather complete.

I will mention that none of these games ever made it out of Japan. Fortunately, someone made an English translation patch, so head on over and grab that if you so desire.

Release Info

1993 - TurboDuo (The Dawn Of Ys)
1993 - Super Famicom (Mask Of The Sun
2005 - PS2 (Mask Of The Sun - A New Theory)
2006 - Mobile (Mask Of The Sun)

SFC Turbo Duo PS2

Soundtrack Releases

Perfect Collection 1 Perfect Collection 2 Perfect Collection 1
JDK SPecial Special Box '94 Special Box '95