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Game Info
Ys I & II

The collected works of both Ys and Ys II are in fact more common than their individual releases.

After the multitude of releases of those titles, the first major collection was on the PC Engine CD / TurboGrafx-16's TurboDuo. Much more than simply a collection, this was an enhanced remake and featured voice acting, new animations and redbook CD audio. It was, in 1990, way ahead of its time.

A number of future remakes came in the years to follow. The first was for PC and updated visuals and cut scenes. This version would be tinkered with as it appeared on the PS2 and PSP and later again on the PC, once again updated. A Nintendo DS version also came out, collecting both titles and all generally received positive reviews.

Release Info

Release Info
1990 - PC Engine CD / TurboDuo
2001 - Windows PC
2003 - Playstation 2 (Ys I & II: Eternal Story)
2009 - Nintendo DS (Legacy Of Ys: Books I & II)
2009 - PSP
2009 - Windows PC
2013 - Steam (Ys I & II Chronicles+)

The PSP game was released in the US in a metal box alongside a soundtrack CD.

Turbo Duo NDS PSP (JPN) PSP (US)

Soundtrack Releases

Ys I & II Chronicles Ys I & II Eternal Ys I & II Unpublished