I LOVE DFK! Novice HS (2-5!), FAQ

Yes, the ONLY benefit of the PS3 dying was my newfound passion for DDP! Only Street Fighter rivals my love for DDP (like what I did there? And, for the record, SF wins). In any event, I played Novice Mode on DFK tonight and got to 2-5! Of course, I’ve never come close to anything like this before…like…not even in the same district. Novice mode, I get it…but I don’t care. It was friggin’ fun! So, here’s my new high score. That’s almost 20 billion and it was so awesome.

OK, over the past few days, my ‘passion’ has been a bit of an obsession. That’s good! All of my gaming FAQs have been born of this passion, as have all of my sites. Of course, I haven’t the time to dedicate to them like I used to, but this is DDP after all. Next up will be SDOJ in another 3-4 years. In any event, as I pack up to go to camp for a few, I figured I’d post the incomplete DDP:DFK FAQ I’ve been writing. It’s a hefty document, really, and while there’s a lot still left to do, in reviewing it, I’ve done a hell of a lot! Remember, it’s not done and there are a lot of holes. But I want it online in some capacity before going away and abandoning my beloved DDP! It’s been a good few days! It may not be healthy, but I love it when this happens. It’s been two years since my last FAQ and I did four in the course of three months then. OK…more soon!!!

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