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18th & 20th December, 1991 - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

By now, my love for Metallica had changed. Having seen Slayer twice, the intensity and music had surpassed all love for Metallica and these shows really didn't help things. While the 2 shows were good, they weren't great. One song rotated between the two nights. I missed the middle night where I think they played Breadfan I got something like Stone Cold Crazy and...who knows.

The 2nd night, Mike and I (or was it Mat?) weaseled our way onto the floor. We had both 200-level seats and all our friends were 16th row. So, we had our buddies get their seats and then Rich came out w/ 2 tickets. He returned to his seats, we walked around. Just before the show, we both headed in. This way, there were 7 of us in 6 seats. We were so nervous, 15 years old, seeing Metallica from the 16th row and nervous we'd get booted.

The 2 nights were identical, with James playing drums, Lars running around like an idiot, but even while the band had slipped from grace, I still somewhat liked the 'new album' (what it was called in our circle for years to come), and the show was good.

Clash of the Titans: Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Alice in Chains:
28th June, 1991 - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

This was my 2nd concert ever, and I was about to see Slayer again. After seeing them in February, they had immediately become my favorite band and along w/ the other co-headliners, I was definitely psyched for the show.

Our seats were dead center a mile away. Alice In Chains came out and at that point I had only known the 2 singles they released. Outside of those songs, I didn't care to hear more, and noone else there did either. They didn't quite fit the bill of thrash/speed metal that was to come. They got booed off the stage essentially.

This tour rotated order. In California, Slayer was the final act, but in NYC it was the hometown Anthrax. Megadeth came on first. Dave came out w/ his double necked guitar for In My Darkest Hour. It was all awesome, they played a great set including:

  • Wake Up Dead
  • The Conjuring
  • In My Darkest Hour
  • Hook In Mouth
  • Dawn Patrol
  • Hangar 18
  • Holy Wars
  • Tornado Of Souls
  • Peace Sells...
  • Anarchy In The UK

As with all the bands, I know I can't list everything. That show was a long time ago.

Slayer came on next. We'd really been hoping they'd headline, but it made sense for Anthrax to. I recall moshing during the set, even in the seats we had. I think I fell on a few women. Their set:

  • Hell Awaits
  • The Antichrist
  • War Ensemble
  • Seasons in the Abyss
  • Altar of Sacrifice
  • Jesus Saves
  • Raining Blood
  • Chemical Warfare
  • South of Heaven
  • Mandatory Suicide
  • Angel of Death

Anthrax closed it all out - opening w/ the Time clicking. They played the intro to that and then jumped into NFL...not the cleanest of segues, but their set was very good. After Slayer though, it wasn't that great.

  • Time-NFL
  • Keep It in the Family
  • Belly of the Beast
  • Indians
  • Anti-Social
  • Caught In A Mosh
  • Got the Time
  • I Am The Law
  • Bring the Noise

We left during the last song, but from what I understand the guys from Public Enemy came out.

Slayer, Testament:
14th February, 1991 - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

Valentine's day, 4 days after my 15th birthday and I was set to go to my first concert ever. What better way to celebrate than a Slayer show, w/ none other than Testament. Things have changed infinitely since then, as it did during the prior decade. At the time, my favorite band was still Metallica, the Black Album hadn't come out yet. That was all to change after I saw Slayer. From that day forward, they became the best in my eyes - and in some ways, they still are.

I recall having decent seats. 200 section, but close to the stage. Testament came out in support of Souls of Black at the time. The first band I saw live. I banged my head throughout the entire set and by the end, I wondered if I'd have the stamina to get through the headliners! The setlist was good, covering all 4 records up to that point. I know they played Eerie Inhabitants, Raging Waters & Beginning of the End, plus all the obvious ones.

By the time Slayer hit the stage I was exhausted and had a headache. I didn't know how to pace myself, but I made it through the set just fine. The setlist was amazing; I found my notes in early 2007 to reveal the exact order!

  • Raining Blood
  • Black Magic
  • War Ensemble
  • Blood Red
  • Mandatory Suicide
  • Postmortem
  • Die By the Sword
  • Skeletons of Society
  • Spirit in Black
  • Born Of Fire
  • Seasons in the Abyss
  • Expendable Youth
  • Dead Skin Mask
  • Captor Of Sin
  • South of Heaven
  • Chemical Warfare
  • Angel of Death

I was blown away and this was the show w/ Postmortem. Tom Araya asked, "Do you want to die?!" and my best friend Dan yelled, "No!" That was a longtime joke among us, along with "Mercy Colors" at the end of Rust in Peace's Holy Wars (instead of Mercy Killings...)