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Les Photos du Moment

In running my other sites, I was never good at keeping up w/ the Pic of the Day, but I always liked changing things up a bit on the main page. So...here's my Pic of the Moment archive. Some 'moments' last for months. Here are a few years worth of images, whatever interested me at the time!

Bass At Camp

August 2008

Another Ryu Edit

Ryu from SF2 Comic

From the upcoming SF2 comic from Udon, I just cleaned this up, much like I did earlier Ryu entries in the PotM archive.

Sketch of Me - 1999

Old Sketch, I was thinner!

This sketch was done by Stacy, my GF at the time, in 1999. I had the big beard back then. You can tell I weighed a few pounds less than now. In preparing to move, I came across this, always liked it.

Pink Floyd - Reunited!

A Great Day...Reunited!

E3 2005

E3 2005: Me with...

Gothmog: Lord of the Balrogs, High Captain of Angband

My New Cat

SSF2XR Wallpaper


Band Stuff

Bone Fire

R-Type Final: Completed Hangar

101 Ships

In the Studio

Recording "At Sea"

On Some Mountain in New York

High Above the Clouds

Was on a Conan kick

Where is King Conan?

A Magnificent Standard!


from Street Fighter Eternal Challenge.

Dragon Blaze



SF Comic Graphic

The Two Towers Captures

...Aragorn will die. And there will be no comfort for you, no comfort to ease the pain of his passing. He will come to death. An image of the splendor of the kings of men in glory, undimmed before the breaking of the world.
[the death of elessar]
[the death of elessar]
[gandalf vs the balrog]