12th August, 2023: DOJ's New Port!
OK, sure, I haven't updated this site in over nine years. But it's still a pretty-cool archive of DDP and today's update is about M2 ShotTriggers' forthcoming port of DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou Rinne Tensei for the Playstation 4 and Switch. I'm thrilled and can't wait for this release, set for release on the 7th of December, 2023. Over the years, I've debated re-doing this entire design, but time has not allowed, having undergone three international moves and having published two books. In fact, I started writing a book on the history of Cave games - getting several chapters in before abandoning.

I have, however, missed out on DoDonPachi: Ichimen Banchou and the repackaging of that title, DoDonPachi: Unlimited. I've tossed up temporary placeholder pages for each, just for completion. I had a bit of fun with the former; the latter, however, was designed to earn your money and I lost interest quickly (again, it was the same game.) Anyhow, for now, that's the news. Enjoy!

2nd July, 2014: Deployment Ship

Just a quick update. I ripped the Deployment Ship from DFK and DDP and added it to the ever-growing Ships & Dolls List. I'll probably go back and rip sprites from the older titles as well. Like I said, a quick update this morning!

1st July, 2014: So Many Updates
I haven't updated this front page since launching three weeks ago but it doesn't mean the site has been idle. In fact, I've updated just about every single section of these pages with some input from the Shmups Forum and through some dedicated gametime. I've played Don Paccin a lot and I'm working on making a useless Robo list. The Bosses Section has been updated with some DDP2 enemies as well. (I'm still working on editing some of those sprites.) The Ships Database now includes Hibachi, a selectable ship from the IOS version of DFK. The Endings Section is mostly complete, now featuring first, second & post-Hibachi endings for just about everything! These are in English too, thanks to IOS ports. The only thing I need DDP: Maximum's good endings (beyond my capability) and any/all snaps from SDOJ. Though, in both cases, I have translations & transcripts.

Clearly a lot of work is still needed and while some have suggested a reorganization, I don't anticipate going through all of that. Updates may seem sparse from here on out, but that's OK, only since I've accomplished so much so far.

Late Update:
Orchid, Tigerschwert and Uoratou ship bios updated. Black Draft Ketsui sprite ripped.

12th June, 2014: Site Launched!!!

Welcome to BeeStorm: A DoDonPachi Compendium! Such a pompous title signifies this site had better have complete coverage. I hope you find it does.

BeeStorm launched way back in June of 2004 and there it would lay, dormant, for eight long years. I've been a DDP fan since first stumbling upon the title in MAME back in 2001 or so. However, it wasn't until DOJ that my fascination truly grew. That title has remained my favorite shmup and it lasted me those eight long years between BeeStorm updates.

After I purchased DFK, I updated the site one and only when SDOJ was on its way from Japan did this site actually take form.

What you have here is, seemingly, the largest database of DoDonPachi information out there (at least in English). I've culled through every game and tried to cover as much as I possibly could. The end product is, in my opinion, something awesome. Every time I would get a new DDP title, I'd have to pore through pages and pages of threads, dig through Japanese sites and it was all rather cumbersome.

Therefore, I got to writing FAQs. I've done one for Dai-Ou-Jou, another for Daifukkatsu and this past month I tossed up my Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou one.

However, it wasn't enough. I wanted to cover more. There are so many titles and so much diversity in the DDP world, I hope you find something here useful or unique or new. Please check out the Boss List and scope out the detailed True Last Bosses section. The Endings Section has several of the titles complete, yet others need work. If you find anything on these pages that's incorrect, not credited properly or if you have something worthy of adding, please email me!

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