I've been known as slateman in radio and on the internet since my first site launched back in October of 1995. Here you'll find various odds and ends, my hobbies, interests and whatever else I feel like posting.

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Decades and Decades

2020, almost 2021. I'm 44 years old, living in Italy. In 2021 we'll be moving again - somewhere. The Coronavirus has rocked the world this year and we've spent most of it locked down. Two kids are out of the house. I started working as a PE teacher (!?!) and have published two books (Street Fighter Compendium and Tony Hawk's Gaming Domination). Life sure is a whirlwind and next year will prove no less unstable. Guess that's not a bad thing!

2017 - I now live in Sweden, I'm turning 41, my Godflesh site is over 20 years old and even these pages are...I think 14. I'm old. Life is crazy. But the stupid web editing continues. This site houses so much uselessness, it's really rather remarkable. Here's to another year of it!

2016 - I graduated 22 years ago. Born 40 years ago. I'm old. This site is still a placeholder, mostly archived links and websites. However, it's nice to have the ability to toss something new up if I so desire, even if it's overly sporadic. Enjoy what I have to offer, even if it's all a decade+ old!!!

Two Thousand Fifteen. Geez...I'm getting old. This site is mostly a placeholder, I've been at this stuff for almost 20 years. I haven't much to say. Keep up with my blog for the most recent updates. Time isn't quite the abundant commodity it once was.

MMXIV: 2014. I turn 38 this year, my two littles 3 & 6, the eldest two 13 & 14. I'll have been married and in Maine for 8 years. Utterly amazing. In some ways things just aren't as good as they used to be. In others, perspective teaches me they are better than ever. Let us not forget all the amazing things we have. I still play games, I still play guitar, I still love the Yankees. Things aren't so bad at all. Here's to 2014 being much better than 2013.

MMXIII: 2013? How do the years keep coming? This year started horribly, with an emergency appendectomy and then complications. The latter would lead me to be in the hospital for a week. Let's hope the year I turn 37 ends up better than how it started. Oh, and while 2012 was a weak year in metal, 2013 looks to be kick-ass. As my oldest child becomes a teenager, well...I don't even want to talk about being the parent of a teenage girl. I hope to start recording more this year...but then again, I said that last year.

MMXII: Yes, 2012. The youngest child turns 1 this year, the eldest 12. Things are chaotic, but I still try to find time to reflect on life as often as possible. Things are amazing, even if they feel like crap sometimes. My newest hobby, cubing, has proven a relaxing, enjoyable element of my life. Gaming still is king with music the age-old standby. I hope to start recording more this year. It's been a while. Gotta love life...

Ahh, 2010. I recall being a kid and thinking how far away the year 2000 was. I would be 24 then, hah! So distant! I agree now, of course, as that's 10 years ago! At 34, I wondered if my interest in metal music would wane. Hardly! Sure, I've grown, but so much stays the same! My hobbies and interests are not far removed from what they were a decade ago. Doesn't sound like a bad thing to me! 2011. MMXI. Incredible. I am now the father of FOUR children, the last being a SON! Utterly remarkable. Outside of that incessant chaos, my hour-long drive every morning and evening (in a mini-van, now!) allows me time to listen to as much metal as I wish! And, my favorite hobby, gaming, has not slowed down. So...life is good, even if I am now 35 years old. Urgh. My cup is perpetually half full though, and that's so outrageously important.

Recent Additions

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03.02.16//07:41:12: Three Street Fighter V FAQs written! R&C Logos Updated
01.03.16//08:55:16: Best Albums reformatted / 2015 Best Albums updated
06.30.15//23:45:15: Best Albums / 2014 Best Albums / Top Five Best Albums All Updated
06.30.15//21:11:36: Concert Reviews (First shows in 3 years!)
03.11.15//20:45.41: New FAQ! Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Raid Mode!!!
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07.14.12//00:06:01: DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu FAQ! (1st FAQ in 2 years+!)
06.28.12//23:44:00: Iron Maiden review! (1st concert in ~5 years!)
03.04.12//04:27:20: slateblog essentially replacing this main page. What's next? I'm not entirely sure.
03.04.12//04:10:29: Ys Ultimate Utopia: Launched & Essentially Dead. More Here...
02.19.12//07:21:08: Skyrim: Lydia...Nooo!!!!!
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02.04.12//16:07:29: Cube Records Updated, site maintenance.
01.29.12//20:01:55: Best Albums Of 2011
01.28.12//17:41:37: Best Shit Of 2011

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