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My whole life I've 'enjoyed' very active nights of dreams. I suppose everyone does, but I've been fortunate enough to remember many of them.

It seems that a common theme is me running from someone or some thing, in many cases due to things that I've done. In most instances these could be considered nightmares, but since I have so many, I rarely wake up truly frightened.

18th April, 2006

There were four of us. We were growing some sort of plant. Some unknown drug. This means that for the entire dream, I was doing something wrong and therefore constantly nervous. We were situated in a sort of greenhouse attached to the front of my mother's house. The windows were all clear and wouldn't shield our highly-illegal act from passerbys, but there's dream logic for you. We weren't allowed to leave this room for the duration.

As a group, we were set to gain 2 million dollars from this venture. The plant had been growing for a few weeks before it was time to cash in. This is when greed showed itself. We realized that one of the four of us had been working towards scheming us out of our money. The remaining three of us decided that she needed to be killed. I had revealed to her that we were on to her and we chained the woman up to the middle of the room.

I spoke with another woman (the group was either 2 men and 2 women or 4 men, depending on the part of the dream) who explained that head trauma was the cleanest way to kill this woman. The plan was set. We killed her.

It was the next morning, and something had happened. When I woke the whole fiasco was over. The greenhouse was gone. The remaining partner had given me something indicating that everything had gone well. But it was not yet over.

On a street corner I waited for my cohort. He and I got in the car with the other 2 from our group (now our enemies) and they started shooting. The man in the passenger seat shot several rounds through the seat itself and one hit me. It went through me and got stuck in my spine. I lay there knowing that I was dead. I couldn't speak, couldn't move. My eyes were filled with tears as the other men left me there. Crawling out of the car, I lay in the empty street.

A few minutes later, my daughters arrive, wanting to play with me. Of course, they wanted to jump on me. I explained it was a bad time (bullet wound and all), but Cassidy insisted (sounds about right). Somehow I was cured.

7th July, 2005

This whole dream is based on another dream or film, with constant references to this. The entire time, it all felt familiar.

It begins late at night in some sort of compromising situation. An attractive woman appears, and for some reason I think she is to blame for the situation at hand. Upon announcing this, she takes off and runs away. Immediately I start after her, running through the city streets. An overweight cop tells me I'll never catch her, and it seems to be the case as she's incredibly quick. However, I believe she lets me close the gap and she runs back to the house in which I'm staying.

In the dream, my character is a bit slow, mentally, referring to wherever source material this dream came from. We speak and she comes into this huge house where I reside. We speak for a long while and prepare to go to bed. As she's laying down on the small bed, perpendicular to my own, I see a ghost mimic her actions from behind. This creeped me out, but nothing was there. Soon after, some other man enters the dream and we're all sitting around talking.

She leaves the next morning without incident.

Much later on I'm at a grocery store. We each have very strong feelings for each other at this point. She and I separate and I try to purchase a box of cereal from a checkout counter next to hers. The man somehow loses my box, and then he takes off, running away. Once again, I am chasing someone (unlike the usual dreams!). Here I encounter Jake, in the back of the store. He's been imprisoned in a psych ward, strapped down, it's clear he's going insane. I spring him. The woman, Jake and myself escape.

An alarm clock and visit from Santos woke me, but my dream continued on slightly. Now I'm at a big backyard BBQ. It's a beautiful day with all my friends and family around. She and I are in love and now have a child. Alarm clock number 2 ended this dream fully.

12th April, 2004

This dream feels as if I'm in the game Castlevania. This is not the first dream I've had of this sort. I head down this narrow pathway with trees on either side. This area opens into a clearing. Now it is reminiscent of the south and the area is rather swampy. It's a grey day out, very damp, and all the buildings are huge. All are incredibly old houses. Around me are lots of large trees with sagging leaves.

I'm sneaking around as I know there are crocodiles and other dangerous animals around. Walking around a building, I turn to see one child trapped behind the doors and in another building several women. I go and let the women out and turn to release the child when the women start screaming. The door has already swung open and the child comes running out but is attacked from behind by an enormous aligator. The animal clamps its jaws down and swings its head killing the child instantly. The women and myself run off.

17th May, 2004

In this dream I either own or rent a nice house. Everything about it seems fine.

However, one day I am walking down the hall and make a very disturbing discovery. There is a closet with 2 sliding doors, both with a mirror on the outside. As I walk from the right, I pass the first mirror and see my reflection. Upon passing the 2nd mirror though I see the face of a young boy.

This scares the hell out of me. The boys face is huge, about the size of my entire body in the reflection, and it is completely emotionless. Each time I pass the mirror I see this haunting image until I can take it no longer. I must move.

I start doing research b/c no one wants to buy the home with this terrible reflection as I'm not the only one who sees it. Eventually I find the prior owner of the house and go to ask him some questions. When I bring up the image of the child he sighs and reveals that his son died in that closet many years ago.

Soon after this I wake up and realize that it was all a dream. I wake with a terrible dreadful feeling which soon turns to relief knowing it was not real. While the dream may seem trivial it filled me with such dread and fear. I still get chills thinking about it.

5th May, 2004

I'm at a party with a few friends when I see a beautiful woman arrive. I watch her on and off for a while before approaching her.

At one point this pair of brothers are throwing around a football which I manage to catch and off of it falls a small diamond. I take this for myself before tossing the ball back to them.

The party progresses and I end up approaching the woman and speak to her. We have a lot in common and have a good time. We agree to see each other again.

Next I know we are in love, a very surprising and exciting feeling given my current real-life situation. We spend a lot of time together as the weeks pass and one day I plan on giving this woman the diamond. It was not set in a ring, I was just going to give the diamond itself. As we wait in a small lobby I realize that the diamond is gone. Without giving away the fact that I'm desperately looking for something, I search the floors to no avail. I've lost it!

Later on it is raining out and she collapses to the ground with me and some friends about. She's got some sort of sore, an open wound on her side/stomach. We bring her to the hospital and she recovers.

I visit her in the hospital and she reveals that she stole the diamond from me. I'm very confused as to why, but we remain a couple so to speak.

From here on I cannot get in touch with her and she's obviously avoiding me...but she offers no reason or excuse. So Mat drives me to a small spot on the on-ramp of the highway where we know she drives. I see her car go by and cuts to the left, a very curious tunnel that no one else seems to take. I run after her.

Next I find myself in a labyrinth of a building. I follow this woman for a short while but cannot keep up. Soon I realize I'm not meant to get out as I end up seeing other men here, wandering as if they are trapped. Eventually we cross paths, myself and this woman. She cites some evil phrase summed up as, "You'll never escape, you're mine!" or something of the sort. I start to run after her and eventually corner her and after much arguing, I thrust her through the window and watch her body fall to the city street below. But all of a sudden, her arms sprout wings and she flies forward and back through another window several floors down. Now I realize she is a succubus and the diamond was her goal. She's ensnared me, I have no way of getting out. Now she's pissed and she's coming after me.

Then I wake.

31st October, 2003

In this dream I have the ability to fly. So a woman and myself go to this deserted island searching for her friend. We are some sort of scientists and lost her friend on our last expedition. Going through the jungle we appear at a wide clearing. There are several extremely tall but narrow trees which provide shade for the entire area. After searching around, I manage to find her friend and free her from some large heavy items that trapped her. Some natives warn us of the dangers of this area, but having been there before we already understood. We then leave the island.

Next, her brother is with us and we return to the island, but this time there are a lot of tourists there. However, they don't realize the danger they're getting themselves into and their tour guides apparently have set this up so that they could be slaughtered and sacrificed. We sneak around the outside of the group staying out of sight. Eventually a huge dinosaur comes out and starts wreaking havoc, killing everybody. This beast is a mix of a T. Rex type dinosaur and a disfigured monster. It stands at 30 feet at least.

This next part is fuzzy as so much was going on. There were people running everywhere, screaming and panicking. I recall running up the side of the mountain with my comrades trying to save anyone we can. The slaughter continues and we manage to kill the dinosaur. Virtually everyone is dead, the island and mountain stained with blood. There are still some people scurrying and fleeing. The natives are upset that we killed their monster and come after us.

The brother and I manage to fly off the island and avoid the chaos. We land on a bamboo rooftop still in sight of where we left and we see that his sister is still on the island. I think he goes back to save her.

Later, I'm by myself and I fly back to the island. Here there is an Asian family who is in need of assistance. I help the father out by flying him to his destination.

On the way back, I relax where all of the injured people from the initial attack are resting. There is very little water and I scold someone for splashing it around and wasting it. As we talk about the events that have transpired, someone comes up to me and smears some paste on my skin. It was made out of banana or some fruit. I look over at him and he gives me an evil glance and almost immediately I feel a welt appear on the inner portion of my right thigh. It grows larger and hurts incredibly! In just moments it becomes the size of a walnut and has a green color to it. Throbbing, I get up and run.

At this point I woke up and figured that was the end of the dream. I think only once before have I continued a dream and didn't suspect this would happen again. Seeing as how I remembered the dream vividly and it was a lot of fun (until that last part), I wished I could continue. I turned over, and managed to doze and keep the dream going.

This time I'm at an island between the initial one and home and as I'm flying overhead I see my old friend scouring the jagged rocks. As I fly down, I see that he is badly wounded and looks much older than I recall. He has a long white beard and looks very frail as he struggled to climb down the last set of rocks which would lead him to the end of the island. He gives to me a box containing something incredibly important and a very archaic looking axe. This was made as people would have in years past, a shoddy wooden handle tied together with a chipped piece of rock. He dies telling me to keep it safe and to complete his task.

Back at home; I have to pass some extra security before getting to my goal. One is my friend and another is the guy who played Doogie Howser. My friend is trying to let me pass but Doogie is being difficult and wants to know what I'm carrying. Since I don't even know, I tell him I can't but he persists. I take out the axe and threaten him.

Then I fly away and hit my final destination, a large landing platform at the back of a castle. Here a massive 3-headed dragon awaits chained to the platform. A magician greets me and starts to unchain the dragon.

Then my dream ends.

10th June, 2003

Stacy and I go to Texas to visit a friend (I'm guessing Kim, though the friend was nameless). After staying for 3 days, Stacy is in love w/ the place. I ask her if she plans on leaving but she wants to stay a few extra days. We weren't supposed to stay for a week, and she didn't have enough vacation time to stay longer. While she isn't happy about it, we decide to leave.

I get home and someone is tormenting my brother (of course I have no brothers), picking on him and abusing him both verbally and physically. So, I go up to the bully and muscle him around a little bit. I don't hurt him, but I exhibit my newfound strength and end up tossing him on the hood of a car where I proceed to spit on his face. His face is disfigured, resembling one of the characters from Total Recall. A portion of his forehead is almost melted over his eye, so his entire eye is covered by this piece of skin. I taunt him a little bit, and give him a clear warning that he should never do anything like that again lest he face my true wrath. My brother's girlfriend comes back and I have to explain what I did. They're all confused as to how I was able to do what I did. The answer is that I'm now a super-hero with superhuman strength, but I can't say that...instead I play it down to me working out much.

The dream was clearly inspired by my visit to Great Adventure that same day...Many of the rides are based on superheroes (Superman, Batman, etc). On our last ride of the day a pair of brothers were in line in front of us. With them was one of their girlfriends and they were both treating her poorly. Judging from their conversation, she was being abused, both verbally and physically.

January, 2003

I was in my grandmother's house w/ Stacy. I think my grandmother had died b/c I owned the house.

There was a little girl whol ived with us. She pretty much looked like Björk, at a very young age. The girl one day disappeared. She went into a closet, we opened it up and she was gone.

It disturbed us greatly of course, we had zero clue where she could have gone. Every so often we would hear her voice coming from the closet area upstairs. One day, I heard her voice vividly, and I knew it wasn't simply my mind. I ran downstairs and went directly underneath the closet. There was a room that doesn't exist in the normal house, but in the dream it looked like a boiler room. I tiptoed downstairs and up to this door and her voice was louder here. I opened the door revealing the little girl. She was playing and making a mess with food. I asked her what happened, and she would not reply w/ a coherent answer. She looked like she was wired on sugar.

It turns out that she had died. Stacy came downstairs and she told us something to the effect that she was dead. Then, all of a sudden a ruckus came from the room where she was hiding. Voices of several people came forth and a chill came over me. I opened the door only to see a number of dead people and they were roused by my knowledge of their existence. I recall these beings coming towards me maliciously. Before they got to me, I woke.

31st December, 2002

There is to be a big battle at our compound. There are many humans, but most aren't fit for fighting, much like Helm's Deep. Then, an army of Elves arrive.

Stacy and I decide that we must go to Angmar and find the Witch-King. We ride across the lands and arrive. Here we slay the Ringwraith and take the magical sword before riding across the lands back west. We are now being pursued.

Alternative....we go to Osgilliath and it looks much like it did in TTT, burning. We head to this main area and steal the sword, but we are confronted by the ringwraith. Somehow we slay the wraith and flee.

Much is blurry but ultimately we all arrive back and the war is won. Stacy then gets a phone call, someone citing they're from our old college. They ask for her name, SSN and address. Just as she gives the address, I run to her, knowing that she just told the ringwraiths where we were. They were coming for us.

I woke up immediately.

11th September, 2002

I'm in the backseat of a nice luxury car with my grandfather Tony. He looks very good, no spots on his face, very tan. He had some sort of cold sore on his chin, don't know what that is about.

We're talking in the backseat and he is just as I remember him. Always in a good mood, smiling, laughing.

A few minutes later we arrive at a cemetary. We pull up to an elaborate tombstone area, difficult to describe but very detailed and large. Grandpa gets out of the car and walks towards the grave. I know immediately that it is his. Someone else's grave is there next to his, I'm guessing it was his first wife. He walks out of the car and straight into the grave, almost disappearing...like who I was talking to was really just a ghost. I lay down on the ground and just lose my composure, crying terribly.

About the saddest feeling I've ever felt.

11th September, 2002

There's a long hallway and Hannibal Lechter is chained up 2 rooms away. I can see him through 2 sets of windows. His arms are chained up and he's slouching down.

There's another man in the dream, who is supposed to watch him. We're readying to leave and I use the rest room. When I come out, I find that Hannibal is no longer bound, nor inside. Instead the man who was watching him was, for some reason, in his stead. I turn around and Hannibal is right there, bloody and ready to attack. For some reason, the only weapon I have is a butter knife, I stab him with it, several times. I go to get the man who was supposed to watch him, to get him out. Bringing him out, Hannibal is gone.

We get in a car to leave, but we know that Hannibal is still around.

August, 2002

I'm sleeping in a big military facility during WWII. I wake up to bombs exploding and the ground shaking. The Japanese are attacking.

Getting up, we all run outside to see. There's planes dropping bombs and ground troops coming up from the beaches. It's so dark though, that you cannot tell who is American and who is Japanese. The US soldiers are wearing bandanas, but it's just too dark and so soldiers are shooting blindly, and in many cases killing their comrades.

I recall hiding behind a big tank and seeing people running by on the other side. There's no way to know if they're Americans or Japanese.

Next thing, I'm at some compound and there's a huge field. People are playing baseball, but there's junk littering the field. Roots from uprooted trees, cans, it's just a mess. Weird stuff seemed to be happening, though I can't recall.

August, 2002

In August of 2002 Stacy and I went to Maine, and this is where I proposed to her. During the week, we were hit with incredibly warm weather. Even so far north, it was above 90° virtually every day and I had a horrible time sleeping. Every night I remember vividly some wild dream. This is why there are entries for almost every day here.

15th August, 2002

At some woman's house. Everyone is in her bedroom. We're going to watch anime or something. Some very flexible girl sits beneath my seat. Then, JRR Tolkien appears to give his lesson. He talks and another person takes over and gives us a pop quiz. The questions are all very odd and don't make sense. I'm asked aloud a question that I don't know. Mike Piazza then taunts me. We have choice words and decide that we'll duke it out at tonight's baseball game.

I'm then leaving this house and there are a ton of people outside. Stacy had gotten together a Huge party. It was all smokers and drinkers and they played some terrible smoking game. Blow the smoke as far as you can. Fewest to the finish line wins. There's hundreds of people. I don't smoke and can't drink b/c I have to go to the baseball game. I decide to leave and tell Stacy that I think this event is silly. This causes a rift between us. I cross the small river back home and the 3 members of Metallica are coming and ask why I'm leaving. Kirk tells me that I could use his car. I'm walking down the road and I see Siobhan and Caitlin at some sketchy hotel. They're there to sleep w/ some guy. Pretty terrible. I wake before getting to the game.

15th August, 2002

I'm walking down a road with someone. I see a familiar house. Going down a back hallway to this house I notice some things on the wall. We break open the wall to find a very satanic record. We know the man who has them and he's apparently the head of some cult. This is all after I work on my PC to find a song I wrote and a program to play NES music, specifically Zelda.

I'd dreamt of the satanic guy before, but after playing the record, he starts to come back. We have to hurry to rebuild the wall again.

15th August, 2002

Stacy and I meet the girsl from Sex & the City and they want to see her ring. They then make fun of it b/c it is so small.

13th August, 2002

I'm at work and Dave Marzano causes some sort of explosion. There are bloody people everywhere! Dave takes off and leaves all these people to fend for themselves. He drives away in some truck but then his conscience gets to him and he returns. There is mass chaos as everyone tries to get help. We're in an entrance to a food store. Long and narrow. Next, I'm at a helicopter landing and there's all sorts of rigging set up. I see Ryh-Ming and I'm pissed that she's got a Sports Illustrated subscription and that I have to pay. She tells me of a scheme where I don't have to pay.

Next thing I know, I'm hanging out w/ Monica Seles. Ryh-Ming is gone. Someone is playing old video footage of her playing fotball when she was ilke 6. The whole crowd laughs.

I'm then at Dan's and his aunt is visiting. I've got the key and I'm not sure if I should leave the door open. Odd...then I call Stacy and Steve Firsten is there. He can't get my Pez dispenser working. He says Stacy is busy but that he's got 9" PS2 discs. This is obviously b/c he's doing it all wrong.

12th August, 2002

I'm paralyzed from the waist down. Can't remember very much of this dream. There was some sort of fight in the elevator and I went and proved everybody wrong (?) by standing up out of my wheelchair.

11th August, 2002

11th August, 2002 I got on a public bus and went to the city. There I saw Austin Powers 3 by myself. The movie was very different though. There were no specific changes that I recalled after. I met 2 guys, one black, one white. The black guy had something shaved into his beard, under his lower lip. Somehow this word was smaller now and he was bummed. I kept reassuring him that it still looked good. We hung out in the city for a while and then there was some sort of uprising and the cops came. Reminded me of the Fast and the Furious, b/c everyone dispensed once the cops came. There was some sort of excitment, though I forget what it is. We ended at up a party (also like FantF) at the white guy's house. It was really nice. His mother eventually comes home and turns into Medusa. I hide behind a pillar and as I look to my left, everyone on the 2nd floor turns to stone. I can vividly hear the sound of it happening. She comes closer and I spin around the pillar. I think I then escape to the balcony. The father is out there and I speak with him.

The next part is muddy....but I then find myself in a plane. There are several people with me and I've been exiled to some island. Someone else is there who has done exactly what I'd done but they're ok. I'm kicked off the plane and parachute to the desert island below. I decide that I should bury the supplies that I have and so I dig a hole. Stacy is there now and says, "I don't know how a hobbit hole will help."

It's not a hobbit hole but we bury the thing anyway and put a flag near it to mark it's position.

At another part I'm in Lou Serafini's room (his old one) and it's got Tolkien things all over the walls. I'm thoroughly impressed and some guy tells me about some books which I already knew about.

20th June, 2002

Stacy was somehow taken hostage. I don't remember any details about that, but I do remember rescuing her. She was in pretty bad shape, and we picked her up in some old beat-up convertible.

Next thing I know, we're getting married and Otto from the Simpsons is driving like a maniac. It's like Crazy Taxi - driving all over the place. He finally gets to the 'church' or wherever we're to be married and he does this mad powerslide...slides like 100 feet and stops perfectly right in front of the place. Awesome!

14th June, 2002

I'm at home, but it seems like Dan's old house. We're in the attic of sorts, and we notice something happening to the floorboards. Everyone rushes outside to see what's going on, but several of us get trapped inside. We're forced to open the windows and climb out, holding on to the side of the house.

Out from the floorboards come these big eggs, just like the movie Aliens. They hatch immediately and winged demons come forth. Most fly out the window. Several stay inside the house, terrorizing us hanging outside. Eventually we find a crawl space to hide in as the rain begins. Of course it's got to rain, to make the entire experience that much more miserable. After several hours of us huddled together, the demons all have left. Some venture back to the attic where it all began, and once again, the floorboards start to rattle.

That's it for that part - next thing I know, I'm chasing someone. It's almost like the Ewok village of Return of the Jedi, but it's half on the ground, half suspended in the trees. Can't recall much here.

13th June, 2002

I'm with some guy at a huge party at an enormous beach house. We weren't invited and shouldn't have been there. The beach itself is quite a distance from the house but we scope several odd looking boats arriving on the shore. Sneaking around the huge house, we drop down to the sand below. The plan is to head out and steal the boats before anyone sees us. Unfortunately, we don't get far before the party notices us and begins to chase us down.

As we approach the shoreline, we notice that these very odd boats are manned by Chinese people, refugees coming to the US. We're running towards the beach with scores of people behind us chasing. Arriving at the boats, one of the Chinese women just stares at me. Her face is terribly grim and I can see it still. We're about to board the boats and Stacy wakes me up!!! :)

10th January, 2002

I remember being in a house and looking across the street. It was like GTA3 where you throw the molotov cocktails - a large splash of flames engulfed the house - and somehow I was to blame.

I hid out in my house for a while, but then decided I had to get away.

Next I remember - I'm on some boat, going through some swampy area w/ a lot of reeds and high growing grass. Inside the boat I have someone's finger that I somehow cut off and there's blood everywhere. Typical dream - being chased by the cops so an overwhelming feeling of dread consumes me.

The dream continued and was very graphic and terrible, but I can't remember any more. Woke up and told myself that I'd remember it. So much for that! :(

17th December, 2001

I am at SUNY Albany and I have to meet up with myself. I'm in the LCs and I find myself walking, not many people are around. It's myself when I was still in college. We chat for a few minutes, and I try to figure out which year it is. I still had short hair, but it was starting to grow. I think we decided it was my freshman year...I think I started growing my hair in the spring of '95 (cut it in October of '93).

Anyways, we sit talking for a few minutes. I can't feel anything from my old self's perspective, but I do see that I'm a naive dork from my current perspective.

I wish that portion of the dream lasted longer...but next thing I know, I'm at an Oakland Raiders game, which is being held in the college gymnasium. It's me and this other guy in the middle of the floor, with tons of people around us. We apparently did something great while in college and everyone is cheering for us. We start bouncing some soccer balls around.

Then Stacy's alarm clock wakes me up!!!

17th July, 2001

This is the 2nd time I've had this dream...

I'm in the basement of some sort of religious college or something. In the basement it's very quiet - and I'm snooping around. It looks like a museum, w/ tons of antique looking things. I've dodging these priest guys and step into this room w/ 7 statues. Next thing I know, I'm w/ about 6 other ppl, all student looking folks, all in the same room w/ me. The statues are actually these ancient keepers of this sacred area or something and they start chasing us.

I remember them catching some of the ppl, while others ran. Some ppl ran outside, grabbed rocks and bricks and threw them at these guys. I was chased all around until I got into some underground area. Don't remember much else.

9th July, 2001

Alex has taken Stacy captive. I'm not all too worried, maybe b/c he's my friend. I keep trying to outsmart him, giving him a crouching roundhouse kick to knock him down, or kick him in the back of the head. Nothing seems to work.

Eventually (I forget a lot here), I have to go to the top of this tower and fight this demon, a lion with wings. There's all these obstacles I have to deal w/ as well.

Instead, I run down to the bottom and try to recruit some help.....can't remember much more...

5th June, 2001

2 part dream or 2 separate?

I'm here at home, and it's Lord of the Rings. I have the one ring, and Sauron is looking for me. Stacy is gone, and I have some friends over, but I shoo them away b/c I know he's coming for me. I recall running into the backyard...There's woods out there, and I think that maybe I can find solace there.

This is perhaps one of the most frightening dreams, b/c I know that he can find me. I can feel him coming, and I know that there's literally nowhere to hide as he can see me. I can feel his eyes probing me, and his presence growing closer.

Part 2
I'm in hell. I've been captured and sent to some dungeon. I go down there w/ some woman, maybe wearing an Obituary shirt (the one I have). I go down there, give her a chair and try to keep the other guys from doing bad shit to her. It's a big square room w/ a huge table in the middle. Eventually someone comes in and gathers us all up, everyone but me and someone else. There was an old man, a young kid, a few other ppl. I pleaded my case, to take me as I'm athletic, intelligent, strong. This demon of sorts gives me a test, if I can survive his test I can go w/ him. He tosses fireballs at me, floats in the air and the table became a large pit. He hovered over the pit and turned back, something I felt was cheating. I don't know if he touched me (which would've meant I failed), but I ran out of the room.

Next came a series of weird events. I suppose I had a guide who was to help me. We went into this elevator shaft type thing. I was told to lean back while holding on to this cord. It would help me reminisce. As I ascended, events in my life went through my mind. Nothing that I've done, but just odd things in this dream man's life. At one point I stopped and got off. I had risen thousands of feet. My guide was no longer with me. It looked like a stone series of hallways, but the ceiling was covered with grapes, as if it were a vineyard. I yelled at my invisible guide, saying I had done what he had wished of me. There was one large door in front of the area that I got off. I may have hit the top of the elevator shaft. As I yelled, the stone face over the door started looking very angry. Swarms of bees came out of the eyes and mouth and I ran.

I stopped about a quarter of a mile away. Looking back, I could see the door, but I was outside now. It was a beautiful day, and I stopped on some sort of fountain, with grey water. There was a girl next to me, who was drinking. I asked if the water was safe, but she didn't answer, just kept drinking...so I did too, relieving myself at the same time.


3rd April, 2001

I'm at a huge soccer field which is hosting an Iron Maiden concert. Janick, Adrian and Dave are running around the field, with just Steve and Nicko onstage. I'm in the field w/ the guitarists, and noone else is there. Just me. It's dark out and the field is more like a school yard than a good field.

March 2001 - Wolverine & the Grinch

I'm Wolverine and the Grinch and I are out to get cash. We go into this mall, kinda like hollywood though....We start attacking these guys, all in suits. I remember jumping into some sort of Ford Explorer, smashing through the glass and spinning the wheel so that the truck flips. Kicked total ass.

We get out w/ money and sneak out. As we walk away, I'm nervous that someone would recognize us. Somehow, noone does and we escape.

That night, some guy is watching me through his window. I notice and since I scammed the Grinch out of money by not giving him his full share, I got to him at night...he's sleeping in a coffin thing, like vampires do.

March 2001

I'm running in some sort of marathon and these bikers keep annoying me. So, after searching, I run and find one. He tries to kick me, but I grab his leg and toss him on the ground using my wrestling expertise. Then I steal his bike. It's a nice BMX type deal.

I then meet some girl who is going to bring me to some college convention thing. I remember walking up lots of stairs, meeting plenty of ppl. For a while I'm carrying my bike, then eventually I'm not. Finally I remember getting there and not having something important when it's time to enter.

Unknown - Execution

Stacy and I are in some country in southeastern Asia I believe. I've somehow disrespected the king/emperor of the land and both of us are set to be executed. Our hands are tied together, back to back. A young man with a pretty sharp curved sword comes up. I plead my case and at the final point remember crying, begging for him not to kill us, at least not her. It was such a real dream, the last I remember is the swing of the blade.

Unknown - Back in Hell

I had this dream, almost exactly the same, twice.

Stacy was taken from me, and Satan had her. I had to go into hell to get her back.

There were several trials I had to go through to pass. They seem absurd in hindsight, but were very real during the dream itself.

I am in a huge well lit lobby. I need to find the passageway that would lead me to hell.

There is a large elevator that I need to take.

At one point I crawl up a ladder and out what looks like the top of a submarine. There is a frog sitting there with a penny. I need to outwit the frog.

I eventually meet up with Satan and the whole scene is somewhat reminiscent of the movie Legend, with the huge devil and woman all dressed up. He just laughs.

Unknown - Armageddon

In a fallout shelter with Jessica (Lyons). This basement looking place had a small window, maybe 2 feet wide by 1 foot high. Looking out I saw lightning striking in the distance, one streak, then another, then the streaks came faster and faster. At one point it was a constant series of streaks hitting the ground until finally there was an ultra bright flash of light and a massive explosion. You could see the shock wave or wave of air or whatever approaching, demolishing everything in sight. In the end, it hit the house and that's the end of the dream.

Unknown - Crucifixion

It's the middle ages type setting, old Europe. I was captured by the locals for doing something evil. It was decided that I would be crucified, and hung outside the castle, dangling from one of the windows. They decided to hang me upside down, but I told them that I had to go home and get my Deicide album cover beforehand. (???) I got back and they crucified me, and hung me upside down outside the window of the castle. I died...

Unknown - Mother Ghost

Can't remember specifics of this one, but the one important detail stands out. I was in a church, at the altar and my mother appeared, as a ghost in front of me. Talk about spooky!

Unknown - Alien Attack

This was probably from 1990-1992...I was at my best friend's house and we were being attacked by aliens. They chased me around the kitchen table a few times before I ran outside, leaped over the fence and with my skateboard, grabbed on to the back of a truck.