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Radio IDs

I ran a radio station during my college days and during my years as metal director, I got to interview a number of cool bands. Check out the Radio IDs section to hear some of the highlights!

Original Bands

Since moving to Maine in December of 2005, I have not played in any bands. It's sad, b/c they were my main outlet for whatever was going on in my life. Therefore, both Mercurial and SMJ are now officially ex-projects. I still have my 'side-project' titled Bone Fire.

SMJ was the best 'band' ever. We jammed, played Maiden tunes and had a blast. While we had several originals, we only recorded two, those can be found below. The recordings came out precisely how I wanted them to. The project died right after that though.

Mercurial was the main band, a 5-piece whose music spans different genres. We recorded two demos but I was never truly passionate about the music. The band continued on after my departure in December of '05 but has since dissolved.

Finally, Bone Fire is just me. Using my Tascam US-122, I record small bits of whatever inspires me. They're usually short and layered obscenely with guitars. I play all guitars, bass and drums (the Alesis SR-16 still rocks!) with the exception of Acoustics which featured Mat on bass. All are demo quality.

Slatesong is a complete riff-o-rama song I made many years ago. This features drum machines in the beginning and end, but not the middle. I had a second song but that's lost now. I since re-recorded the outro twice.

Enjoy these songs, they're representative of 10 years of my life and I'm quite proud of them.

Sample MP3s

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MP3 Duration Size Date
Chunky Soup (demo 2005) 3:56 3.6Mb 1st June, 2005
De Los Craneos (demo 2005) 6:27 6.0Mb 1st June, 2005
Los Dos Craneos (Harmonies) 0:34 676k 1st September, 2003
Mercurial MP3s
(Incomplete, Unmixed Demo 2005)
Far Away 5:07 4.8Mb 11th August, 2005
There 3:34 3.5Mb 11th August, 2005
Mercurial MP3s
(Demo 2004)
At Sea 4:49 4.5Mb 11th August, 2005
Any More 4:23 4.1Mb 11th August, 2005
Undone 4:03 3.8Mb 11th August, 2005
Time 5:07 4.8Mb 11th August, 2005
Bone Fire MP3s
MMXI-III 2:08 5.1Mb 19th Feb, 2011
Untitled 15 2:16 4.7Mb 22nd July, 2010
Untitled 13 0:50 1.5Mb 29th Apr, 2010
Untitled 11 1:39 3.2Mb 6th Apr, 2010
Untitled 6 0:52 1.5Mb 2nd Jan, 2010
Untitled 3 1:43 2.7Mb 11th Nov, 2009
Untitled 2 1:28 1.9Mb 4th Nov, 2009
Untitled 1:18 2.1Mb 4th Oct, 2009
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli 1:03 1.8Mb 30th Sept, 2009
Ehécatl 1:09 2.1Mb 20th Sept, 2009
Duckadee 0:45 1.4Mb 17th August, 2009
El Capitán 3:09 6.1Mb 25th August, 2009
Puknul 0:50 1.6Mb 2nd Sept, 2009
RDVMTP 0:36 900k 24th August, 2009
Seriously 0:46 1.4Mb 29th June, 2009
Epic Fail 0:47 1.6Mb 10th June, 2009
Slatesong (Outro 2009) 1:43 3.2Mb 9th June, 2009
Vocolo 1:19 2.4Mb 11th December, 2008
Shimmy 1:11 1.1Mb 20th October, 2008
Waves Of The New 1:27 2.4Mb 18th September, 2008
Dun Funk 0:42 1.2Mb 17th September, 2008
Dun Dun 0:36 581k 16th September, 2008
Das Grüße 1:08 1.0Mb 9th September, 2008
Oh Yeha! 0:34 544k 9th September, 2008
Acoustics (Part Deux) 0:57 909k 9th September, 2008
Almost There (Fast) 1:28 2.1Mb 8th June, 2006
Almost There (Slow) 1:08 1.6Mb 8th June, 2006
Stones 1:07 1.3Mb 25th December, 2005
Hier, Demain 1:05 1.2Mb 9th June, 2001
Faith Abandoned 0:58 923k 30th August, 2004
Sweet Grass 1:49 2.1Mb 8th August, 2004
Empty Shore 0:43 874k 1st August, 2004
Waves 0:57 896k 23rd March, 2004
The Precipice of Doom 0:51 1.0Mb 30th November, 2003
Sunset Despair 0:59 932k 23rd November, 2003
Passing of the Grey Company 0:33 663k 17th August, 2003
Acoustics 0:30 709k 28 June, 2003
Slatesong (outro) 1:44 1.6Mb c.2001
Slatesong 8:06 14.8Mb c.2000
Lost Song 2:50 3.3Mb c. 2000