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The following game reviews were written for and posted at GameFAQs.com.

All are old and I wouldn't say these are representative of my current writing style. I should just take this all down. :)

The Goods

Game Platform Written
Soul Reaver DC 20th April, 2000
Metroid Prime GC 3rd January, 2003
Spyro 2 PS1 20th April, 2000
Street Fighter Zero 3 PS1 30th March, 2000
Street Fighter EX 2+ PS1 17th April, 2000
Street Fighter EX + Alpha PS1 30th March, 2000
Street Sk8er PS1 17th April, 2000
Contra: Shattered Soldier PS2 21st January, 2003
Description Format Written
Testament: The Gathering n/a 1999