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With silly bandwidth here on my host, I've finally decided to upload some videos. Much like the rest of the site, it's really just whatever I feel like.

Codec Alert!!!

Videos not playing? Most of these will work just fine if you grab the Xvid codec.


Contributing to the Fame Images page, here are some clips of me on TV/DVD/etc. I should cap the stuff from the Overkill DVD. For now...

Replay Size Details
Me on G4/TechTV 3.5Mb info
Metallica's Sad But True video 10.6Mb info - MPEG2

Street Fighter

Quite easily my favorite game/series ever, here are a couple of personal replays.

Replay Size Details
SFZ3 - Z-ISM Ryu 3.9Mb 18 Hits, 72% Combo
SFZ3 - Z-ISM Chun-Li 2.0Mb 9 Hits, 51% Combo
SFZ2A - Gouki 2.7Mb 9 Hits, 38% Combo - Z2A Juggle
SFZ2A - Chun-Li Original Combo #1 5.8Mb 45 Hits, w/ cheats, DivX
SFZ2A - Chun-Li Original Combo #2 4.1Mb 37 Hits, w/ cheats, DivX
SFII: WW - Guile Glitch #1 4.2Mb Handcuffs, both frozen
SFII: WW - Guile Glitch #2 2.8Mb Flash Kick Freeze + fix
SFII: WW - Guile Glitch #3 2.2Mb Just plain strange, reset

DoDon Pachi

The best shmups out there, DDP and DDP:DOJ (DDP3). Some clips, all of Dai-Ou-Jou for now.

Replay Size Source / Details
DDP3: My Level 1 Chain - 809 Hits 10.5Mb slateman.net - DivX5
DDP3: 1-1 - No Firing 5.6Mb [unknown] - MPEG1
DDP3: Perfect Level 5 44.2Mb [unknown] - WMV9
DDP3: 1-1 No Hyper 16.9Mb Feathered Wings - DivX3
DDP3: 1-2 No Hyper 11.8Mb Feathered Wings - DivX3
DDP3 Oops! 2.0Mb Feathered Wings - DivX3
DDP3: True Hachi Scripted Replay 14.9Mb Unreal - [unknown] - WMV7


A great game from Cave w/ another fantastic port from Arika. The following are a set of replays from Feathered Wings. This is a 1-credit replay which brings you through almost the entire game. Quite impressive, Icarus never fails to impress with solid scoring techniques and marvelous bullet dodging. Enjoy!

Replay Size Source / Details
Stage 1 20.7Mb Feathered Wings - DivX3
Stage 2 26.6Mb Feathered Wings - DivX3
Stage 3 38.2Mb Feathered Wings - DivX3
Stage 4 35.0Mb Feathered Wings - DivX3
Stage 5a 27.6Mb Feathered Wings - DivX3


3 videos from The End by Birdhouse. These are all Tony Hawk, and are impressive to say the least.

None of these 3 vids have audio.

Replay Size Details
Heelflip Varial Lien 400K DivX5 - One of my faves
540 Board Varial 1.2Mb DivX5 - Classy
720 Varial 1.9Mb DivX5 - 720 Varial, enough said!