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Testament: 18th August, 1995 - Roxy Supporting Live @ the Fillmore

Probably one of the best concerts of my life. I don't recall if I worked this day, but Mat and I met the band at the metal shop across the highway. We were first in line as always and just chilled w/ the guys for a bit. Afterwards, Chuck mentioned that they were playing someone's back yard. Katie and her BF at the time (Dave?) were around, and they drove Mat and I to the place. We got there and some guy was bleeding all over the place. Apparently he had gotten into a fight w/ Chuck, when someone (not Chuck) gave him a good beat down.

The band was just hanging out and they soon setup. John Dette had some egg shakers. They played the 3 acoustic tracks from Live at the Fillmore plus The Legacy and...Greenhouse Effect!!! It was amazing. Chuck was pretty trashed at this point, and he told us all to sign a sheet of paper to get into the show for free! I had $20 and gladly bought a long sleeved shirt at the show instead of paying!

After their mini-set, Mat and I approached Eric, who proceeded to ask us how he sounded. He was trying out his new Zoom pedal and we were thrilled that he even cared what we thought! James Murphy was awesome as usual, very nice guy, who sounded great.

Later that night we saw Forbidden open. Testament came out playing everyhting from the live record, plus the songs that didn't appear Over the Wall, Disciples etc, as well as The Legacy. Twice in one day!

I was in the pit the entire show, and recall during Into the Pit looking up and seeing Chuck give Mat the mic for the chorus. Afterwards he looked back at me, spooging. I continued to mosh. Must've moshed all night long. The crowd was great, full of metal moshers and not hardcore/death metal 'kill everyone' moshers. Very nice pit.

They played forever. I remember Chuck being in a great mood, and Eric wanting to leave at one point, then saying, 'Let's play more'. It seemed to go on forever. Definitely one of the best shows I've ever been to.

Grip Inc: 29th July, 1995 - Roxy Power of Inner Strength tour

We began by meeting the bass player that afternoon at the metal shop across the highway from my house. The rest of the band didn't show up, and so we missed out on meeting Dave Lombardo. This album was great, and a real keeper for the dark days of mid-90's metal.

After meeting the bass player, we got to meet Morbid Angel, what total cocks. We had no reservations on missing them when they played that night.

Mat and I got right up to the left side of the stage and just watched Lombardo all night. They played the entire album, but the crowd hated them, yelling the typical, 'Play Slayer' or simply, 'You suck'. Due to this they didn't play their encore that they did on the rest of the tour, Raining Blood. I was pissed to learn that.

The show was good though, Lombardo ruled, his set is so low! He saw us doing all the fills.

At the end of their set we went backstage to try to meet them. Hung out w/ the vocalist for a few, said hi to the guitarist but Lombardo had left already.