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30th August, 1997 - Bogies - Demonic Tour

What a let down. After the utterly stunning and fantastic tour in support of Live at the Fillmore and a massive 2 1/2 hour set, they play a mere 75 minute show and walk off stage.

Demonic is an ok record. Without James Murphy or Greg Christian, the musicianship drops, and while it has its moments, it's not their best outing. Derek Ramirez (Eric's cousin) took over on bass and didn't know the songs. John Dette (?) was amazing on drums, but the band lacked enthusiasm and left w/ Eric saying, "Let's go drink beer!"

A very disappointing show. Fortunately we got in for free and since it was a block from where I lived, we just walked home. It was also the first show I attended while being highly inebriated, something that just sucked all the energy out of me.

My Dying Bride:
3rd May, 1997 - QE2 - Like Gods of the Sun tour

This was the band's first headlining date in the US. They had played a few days with Dio, but headed out on their own in Albany. Unfortunately the drummer had some health issues a few days later and they ended up playing only a handful of dates before cancelling the tour.

I became Metal Director of WCDB on this date, and after I went to the show, I went to the key exchange party where I received my keys. I remained as Metal Director for 3 years afterwards. The department only existed 3 years prior to my taking office. Fond memories coupling each other.

The show was good, though all those members cramped on the QE2 stage was a sight. Many were disappointed by their song selection. Nothing from Turn Loose the Swans, which is probably the record that gained them the most popularity. They closed with The Forever People as expected, they also played Symphonnaire Infernus..., but everything else was new. My friend Jeff saw them in NYC a few days later and taped the show...which was identical (iirc) to the one I saw.

I understand promoting your new record and also that their songs can be long...but to disregard completely one of your records is just not right...especially when you're promoting your 4th. When Iron Maiden skips an album that's one thing, they've got like 30. While what they played was good, it could've been better by tossing us another gem. Just 2 songs from their first 2 LPs and 3 EPs. At least the shirt I bought was cool.

I got the band's autographs after the show, signing my Symphonnaire CD cover. I also got a copy of Relapse Records catalog with Amorphis on the cover. Aaron had drawn all over their faces. Pretty funny. I think I went to this show alone, and probably saw (doctor) Tom there at one point. I wonder whatever happened to him...