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Iron Maiden:
7th July, 1998 - Roseland - Virtual XI tour

Unlike the show in 1996, we got there on time. However, much like that show, we missed a few songs.

We timed the arrival perfectly until we had to struggle to get our free tix. Waited in line as the ppl in front of us wasted our time. As we got to the ticket booth, Futureal was beginning. Late again, I was pissed. By the time we got in and muscled our way to a decent vantage point, it was a few minutes into Angel & the Gambler, likely the most repetitive song in existence. Could have been worse.

Blaze sucks as a front man, with virtually zero stage presence. They ran through the typical setlist at the time, with a barrage of Blaze-era material.

The following is a rough setlist found at The Iron Maiden Commentary. I'm fairly certain they didn't do Heaven Can Wait but I can't be sure.

   The angel and the Gambler
   Lightning Strikes Twice
   Man on the Edge
   Heaven Can Wait
   The Clansman
   When Two Worlds Collide
   Murders in the Rue Morgue
   Lord of the Flies
   2 Minutes to Midnight
   The Educated Fool
   Don't Look to the Eyes of a Stranger
   Sign of the Cross
   Afraid to Shoot Strangers
   Hallowed be Thy Name
   The Evil that Men Do
   The Clairvoyant
   Fear of the Dark
   Iron Maiden
   E: The Number of the Beast
   E: The Trooper
   E: Sanctuary

Overall it was a good show, but even their X-Factour show was better. The Virtual XI album truly was the band at their worst, with several memorable riffs, but a foul aftertaste. Futureal is a good song that they should have kept in their set, if only b/c it is so short. Instead, The Clansman became a tour staple in years that followed. With Bruce at the helm however, the song is infinitely better!

King Diamond:
22nd May, 1998 - The Chance, Poughkeepsie - Voodoo Tour

King's first tour in almost a decade. We've been looking forward to this for a long while, and were set to interview Andy LaRocque. We had apparently gotten there too late, and were denied (he'd do the same to me two years later). We figured we'd try to see them again in NYC and get the interview then, but we ended up not going.

So, we sat in the car, then proceeded to go into the show.

Starting out w/ Welcome Home, we wondered how the drummer would handle it w/ just one tom. He was good though, and the show began on a good note. I have the setlist from other shows from the tour and it seems identical. It was a fun night, though I can't remember if we drove back to Albany or to Long Island afterwards...

The setlist:

  1. Out From The Asylum (Tape)
  2. Welcome Home
  3. The Invisible Guests
  4. The Spider's Lullabye
  5. Sleepless Nights
  6. Eye Of THe Witch
  7. The Trial (Chambre Ardente)
  8. The Candle
  9. Up From The Grave
  10. The Family Ghost
  11. Louisiana Darkness (Tape)
  12. Voodoo
  13. One Down, Two To Go
  14. Sarah's Night
  15. The Exorcist
  16. Unclean Spirits (Tape)
  17. E: Abigail
  18. E: Halloween
(they finished with Sabbath at some shows, but I don't remember them doing it at mine.)