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Titles: - Wickerman
Story: - Slateman


  1. Journey to the Mysterious Woods
  2. The Lady of the Lake
  3. Winds of War
  4. Alchemy of the 7 Stones
  5. Return to the Mysterious Woods
  6. On the Road To Chillingham Castle
  7. Vision in the Catacombs
  8. Escape from the Mysterious woods
  9. The Serving wench and a Mug of Ale.
  10. The Troll Under the Bridge.

The Tale of the Bone Fire

The pair of warriors entered the mysterious woods with their goal in mind and sword at hand. Brothers in arms and brothers in metal, they fend off foe at every corner prior to reaching the lake in the center of the wood.

Kneeling down and uttering the magical phrases, the lady of the lake rises. Her majesty and beauty is unrivaled in the world. Extending her hand, the warriors take the steel and feel the newfound metal strength flow through their veins.

The lady of the lake has one final word prior to returning to her watery home. "The winds of war blow our way young knights. I bid you farewell, seek the 7th stone on the eastern shores of stow end and bring me tidings"

With that, the warriors are on their way, slashing through thick brush and emerge to the eastern shores. Hidden is the 7th stone but together with their sword and shield, they discover the stone deep within the dark well.

Upon merging the 7th stone w/ it's brethren, the sky grows cloudy and doom lingers. In the ground a map is inscribed, the path to the hidden castle of Chillingham.

With their newfound knowledge, the warriors head back to the deep mysterious woods to find the lady of the lake. With her assistance, they discover the castle can only be seen on a night of full moon.

Less than a fortnight later, the night is clear and the moon full, and the entrance to Chillingham Castle is revealed.

Deep within the castle lies the final stone - the most powerful secret stone created, and one that can give everlasting life. Down the staircases to the hidden dungeon, the duo see a vision from deep in the catacombs. The path out of the woods will now be marred with more frightful demons attempting to rescue the 8th stone.

Battling their way through the upper levels of the castle and fighting the minions of evil and good on the way out makes them weary. After 3 weeks of journeying, they emerge from the mysterious wood for the final time.

Down the southern road they tread, stopping off at Ye Olde Whore Inn for a mug of ale. The serving wench was fine that evening and fun was abound, as the men, and their newfound everlasting life, drained the wench of hers.

Their final destination was the bridge of shadows, and under it they found the legendary troll. Yet, this troll had patience for them, while with others she did not. The men showed her the stone and she was transformed into the beautiful Lady Godiva. Naked she was, after years of imprisonment.

They danced around the Bone Fire of their enemies.

The end!