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I wrote the following short story sometime in college. Don't look for any meaning...I just wrote.

Short Story

I awaken, naked, on this ancient isle. So beautiful I think, as my eyes gaze through the vast landscapes surrounding me. I hear waves pushing the shores closer, in the near distance and behind me I find what looks to be an endless shade of green. Rocks surround me now, coming alive to my eyes, but then are swallowed by the sand. I say nothing as I explore my newfound dream. A gentle hum constantly soothes me.

Intrigued and curious am I, absorbing the lush visions before me. Soon, the hum mesmerizes me before evolving into an anxious ring. This begins to make me nervous. I find myself worrying about my nakedness, the night which soon must follow and the images which just amazed and relaxed me. This sound distorts and I crawl into a small area between a few trees. The calm sound has become a mechanized drone that makes me uneasy and paranoid. The darkness hasn't come but my heart beats faster and faster. My hands sweat. I tingle all over and shut my eyes. Covering my ears, I start shouting. In hopes of drowning out the noise that plagues me. This is to no avail. My body shakes all over and images sparkle before me. I must stop this...

Awakening again, I notice that it is still bright out. With no sense of time, or if it exists, I arise to see myself between two trees. Looking up, they reach forever into the clear blue sky. There are no clouds, no sun. The temperature is mild, very comfortable. I notice that it is always this way. A relaxing hum fills my mind once more. Remembering the events before I slept, I walk wearily through this land. The grass grows long everywhere, up to the thighs in many areas. The blades stand still, there is no wind.

Growing more comfortable with my immediate surroundings, I begin to wonder, for the first time, why. But only why there are no other inhabitants of this plentiful land. I hardly have much time to think about this when my mind drifts to the other wonders about this place.

I wander further through the grasslands. In the distance, the earth grows hilly. Again, without words, I head in this new direction. The grass brustles against my legs while I walk, and the sensation numbs my legs. Odd it seems, I stare down to inspect my body. The ground begins to soften. Seeing that my legs appear to be fine, I look up to see a changed landscape. The grass now is darker and in some areas is brown. The ground softens more and once again my reassuring hum begins changing. The fear boils inside of me, and my legs slowly sink into this wet terrian below me. Struggling to get out proves to be hopeless. I look to the still clear sky and breathe deeply. My body begins to sink, and eventually, I am completely submerged.

Finally, I gain the nerve to open my eyes. For the first time in this world, I see darkness. A grinding tone rings now, which intimidates me, but tells me that I am safe. The air (if it is that) is grainy. It feels like I am not alone now. There is something near me, trying to push me away, but curious of me at the same time. Unfortunately, I can see nothing but the grainy darkness. It is not black however, so I can see, but not far into the distance. After a few moments, I notice that I am still going down. Being pulled somehow.

Disturbances begin appearing. There is nothing anywhere, but I have feelings that I must keep turning. Small noises prompt me to turn, behind me, up, down. It begins to happen more frequently. I clench my teeth. Then, silence, nothing. The decension has stopped. There is no floor, I cannot feel anything beneath my feet but I am somewhere, I've decided. The random noises begin again, so frequent are they that I am constantly spinning to keep up with them...but I never succeed. Silence once more--then total darkness.

I must've slept. Sounds similar to voices now ring continuously. Though the sound surrounds me, I feel as if it beckons me to a specific area. Still I am in this new dark realm. There is no direction, but I decide to walk. I can still see below me, it is as if I am floating, but I can walk properly. To my left, far in the distance, I notice a flicker of red light. Disregarding my beckon, I decide to head in this new direction, but I cannot. Every time I try to head the way of the red flickering light, another appears and I am pushed away from them. I cannot blink now, still have no need to. Also, no need to breathe, there is nothing to do so with. As I keep attempting to reach the new lights, more appear and I am diverted. In just a few moments, there are red flickers everywhere. Everywhere except straight in front of me. As I decide to head the only remaining direction, the flickers grow closer. They close in and I reach the destination now in complete darkness. Once there, I've stopped moving. I can breathe again--I notice my eyes are shut. I open them.

I am on a beach, naked, on this beautiful isle. I am in awe of the beauty around me. I turn to see two familiar trees. There are again rocks at my feet, and again, they disappear. A wave of happiness covers me when I hear a soothing hum enter my mind. Never having been able to decide whether or not it was real, I leave the thought for next time. I think that today i'll head the other direction...