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Ratchet & Clank

I loved the R&C games on the PS2 back in the early 2000s and when the games were re-released in HD on the PS3, I picked up the first title for a cheap $3.75 (love PS+!) It motivated me to go through the games and toss together a logo collection, something I quite like doing (see my collections of Street Fighter logos & Vampire/Darkstalkers logos). So, what we have here is a collection of all the R&C ones. I find it interesting as titles were different overseas. Europe didn't seem to like the sexual innuendo of the U.S. titles!

Logo Collection


R&C's debut. The game was a success in Japan as well, one of the rarer U.S. imports to do well there.

R&C's second game is titled Going Commando in the U.S., Locked & Loaded in Europe and Oceania and simply R&C2 in Japan and some other territories.

2004 featured the duo's third game, Up Your Arsenal in the U.S. and again, simply R&C3 in other territories.

Four games in as many years, this time Ratchet: Deadlocked forewent the R&C title in the U.S. and Europe (where it was Ratchet: Gladiator) but in Japan it was R&C4

2007 showed that Insomniac could take some time off and also saw a different developer making a R&C title. R&C Future: Tools Of Destruction was the first title on the PS3. In Europe, the Future suffix was not included. Also in 2007, R&C: Size Matters shipped around the world on the PSP while the Japanese title was R&C5. The game was developed by High Impact Games. The logo above is from the French, R&C: La Taille Ça Compte.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty came out on the PS3 as a download-only title in 2008. This bridges the two R&CF games. In Europe, once again, the Future moniker was not included but the game was released on disc as a lower-priced title. Above you see the Spanish title, En Busca Del Tesoro (literally In Search For Treasure).

In the same year, Secret Agent Clank was the PSP's second R&C game (which also later appeared on the PS2 in 2009). This game was called Clank & Ratchet: Mission Ignition in Japan. This would be the second title High Impact Games developed. (Sanzaru Games ported it to the PS2)

Continuing the traditions of annual installments, R&CF: A Crack In Time was generally well-received. As expected, it was called Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time in Europe.

Skipping 2010, Insomniac returned with Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One in the autumn of 2011. Finally, no alternate names were used for this four-player co-op game.

Two R&C games shipped in 2012, the first being a HD collection of the first three titles on the PS3. Titled R&C: Collection, the game has no real new logo, except in Europe where it was called R&C: Trilogy and in Japan where it was R&C: 1 + 2 + 3.

The latest title, available on both blu-ray disc and via download, Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault also came out on the PS3 (and later Vita) in 2012. As with all sexually-suggestive titles, Europe got a new title, R&C: QForce. This time Japan followed with their naming convention.

A budget-priced ($30 USD) return-to-roots R&C game is set for later in 2013. This one is subtitled Into The Nexus in the U.S. and it seems just Ratchet & Clank: Nexus in Europe. The full title doesn't seem too suggestive to me, so I don't quite understand the change here. Later that year a mobile-only title (iOS and Android) was released called Before The Nexus which is an on-rails endless runner.