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Street Fighter Zero: Fighter's Generation

After some pretty lackluster ports and shoddy collections, Capcom righted itself with 2006's Street Fighter Zero: Fighter's Generation / Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. Not only did it collect every main version of the Zero/Alpha games, it had tons of extras and hidden content.

As usual, the regional differences were substantial and with so little information online covering this, I'd like to put this together. A lot of information can be found in ShadowJin's FAQ @ GameFAQs and I would like to put together some more web sections with some of that info and other that I have come up with. As usual, that may never happen.

For now, here are the differences between the titles available.

Of course, the games' names are different as well as the usual character name alterations are present. The US and European version do not have move listings available (likely a deal with a certain strategy-guide company).

However, the big difference is that the Japanese version gets a pair of alternate games that weren't featured in the European or American releases. These alternate titles are not enormously different, but worth looking at.

To my knowledge there is no difference between these two versions other than the usual name changes.

Despite regional differences of games (as detailed below), these are surprisingly-identical. Hyper Street Fighter Zero contains the same characters across all regions despite the fact that it oughtn't. Evil Ryu, for instance, should not be available in the Japanese version of SFZ2, as he was only in America (and the alt SFA2), but he is.

HSFZ is perhaps the biggest draw to this collection. Much like Hyper Street Fighter II, allowing every iteration of every character to duke it out meant for an insane amount of different combinations. In fact, by my estimations, it appears there are 512 different, selectable characters. This game, in particular, I'd like to expand these pages to cover. As of this writing (August 2017), I'm hoping Capcom is considering including this in the SF 30th Anniversary Collection which has yet to be confirmed.

The American A2 was a very minor upgrade and featured Satsui No Hadou Ryu as well as EX versions of Dhalsim and Zangief. Due to this, the Japanese version of SFZ:FG has ever-so-slightly different versions of this game to play.

Zero 2 Alpha came out in the arcades in Japan, Asia, Brazil and in other Hispanic regions in August of 1996. This version contains several major tweaks to the standard Z2 game:
  • Zero counters were weakened & cost 1.5 super meter bars rather than 1.
  • Six characters got new moves and all got new color outfits.
  • Original Combos (custom combos) were altered and weakened and their activation was now HP + HK (rather than 2P + 1K or 2K + 1P).
  • Satsui No Hadou Ryu, Special Sakura, Classic Chun-Li and SSF2 chars were included
  • Adds one new win icon for victories via taunt.
  • A number of character-specific changes were implemented as well.
  • My SFZ2A FAQ lists all the differences.

This version was later tweaked for its release on consoles where it was titled Zero 2' (JPN), Alpha 2' (EU) and Alpha 2 Gold (US). This version contained Cammy and Shin Gouki mode was playable without a code.

For this compilation, the Japanese version gets both Z2A and Z2' even though, like Z2, the differences are rather minor. This game was titled A2G even in Europe despite its original Alpha 2' moniker being used on the SF Collection.

This is the original arcade release which featured 25 characters.

SFZ3 was ported to the PS1 with a number of tweaks, changes and additions. The roster now topped off at 33 and the game featured 3D hit sparks. Capcom re-issued this version of the game on the Naomi arcade hardware as SFZ3 Upper in Japan only. The Upper suffix was used for the later GBA port (and as Double Upper for the PSP) where the roster grew to 36 and 37 respectively. In the west it was simply SFA3 (GBA) and SFA3 Max (PSP).

This compilation contains the Naomi arcade version of SFZ3 Upper but in the west it did not feature the name change. The only discernable difference at first is the color of the splash screen. This version does not contain any of the characters or updates featuerd in the GBA or PSP versions of the game.