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In the summer of 2013 I went back to the Sega Dreamcast port of Super Street Fighter II X and wanted to see what the real difference was between all three Goukis. As we all know, this game marked Gouki's first appearance in the game. However, as per this old video, there's some awesome things Shin Gouki and Tien Gouki can do. So...what's the difference? How can you play as these behemoths? Things weren't so clear.

As a longtime contributor to GameFAQs, their SSF2X Cheats Page was my first go to. However, their instructions are broken. Of course, upon later inspection, I should've known Kao Megura (RIP) would have a complete and detailed description of these steps. Regardless, I wanted to toss up a section here.

There are several steps to unlock these two fighters. You're going to need to unlock the dip-switch menu. Let's look at the steps with more information than you'll likely need.

Oh...this is a Japanese game only. Do I have to tell you that...

  • Vega = M. Bison (Dictator)
  • Balrog = Vega (Claw)
  • M. Bison = Balrog (Boxer)

Step 1: Beat The Game With All 16 Characters

Kao Megura says you have to beat Shin Gouki as well. I think this just means CPU-controlled Gouki.

In order to face Gouki/Shin Gouki, you need to play Arcade Mode and not lose any matches (rounds are OK?) While doing so, you need to get at least 3 perfect finishes.

The easiest way to do this, at least to unlock this whole lot, is to go into the EX Menu first and enable unlimited supers.

  • Highlight Options
  • Hold the Left and Right triggers
  • Press A or Start
  • Highlight the first option (1P SP Gauge)
  • Change to the third option (as in the image below)

EX Options
Super Meter

Then, go into the regular options menu and choose the first option (gameplay). This is higlighted in red in the first image below.

On this screen change the first line to one start (difficulty), the third line to 1 (for rounds).

Normal Options
First Choice
Lines 1 & 3

Step 2: Beat The Game With The SSF2 Version All 16 Characters

Yeah, you're only halfway there! Now, go back and beat the game again 16 times. This time, however, you'll use the SSF2 version of each character. This time you won't have any super meter to help you out. Good luck!

What you'll do here is select a fighter, enter a specific sequence and then press another button. You're going to want to do this quickly. Let's see how it goes!

  • Highlight the appropriate character
  • Select that character by pressing any attack button
  • Enter the following code quickly.
  • Press LP for P1 color.
  • Press LP + LK for P2 color.

SSF2 Version Codes
T. Hawk
Fei Long
E. Honda
Dee Jay
M. Bison (boxer)
Balrog (claw)
Vega (dictator)

So, for Ryu, you'll highlight him and select him using any attack button. Then you'll press R, R, R, L and then press LP or LP + LK. You'll hear him say, "Hadouken!" His portrait will change to his standard color (even if you chose the player 2 color) and you'll know it worked. Each character has a different iconic saying.

Step 3: Change Dip Switch Settings

Now that you've completed the game 32 times, you finally have access to Dip Switch menu. To enter this, do the following:
  • Highlight Options
  • Hold Y and Press Start
  • Go into Manual Settings
  • Change Dip Switch Settings to 1
    • 3rd Row - 8th Zero (Tien Gouki)
    • 3rd Row - 9th Zero (Shin Gouki)

Dip Switch Settings
Change To Ones

Highlight Manual Setting, hit A and change those Zeroes to Ones!

Step 4: Select Gouki / Shin Gouki / Tien Gouki!!!

You're finally here! Now, you'll want to highlight Ryu and hit the following button combinations. Highlight Ryu Tap Start and hold the following buttons. (You must hit Start first)

How To Select
3P + K
Shin Gouki
3K + P
Tien Gouki

So, now you're really excited, right? Well, what is the real difference between these versions? Very little, actually.

Shin Gouki has a double air fireball and his hurricane kick hits more/does more damage.

Tien Gouki is really just Shin Gouki but has a super meter and can therefore do his Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon). I think they both may be a bit quicker than standard Gouki. They may also dish out more damage. Either way, it's a task, but this is the only form of Tien Gouki (which itself is an unofficial name) in any game.

There He Is!
Shun Goku Satsu!

Was That Necessary?

Probably not. I just wanted an excuse to update some stuff and tinker around. Tien Gouki is definitely different and he was the only playable version of Gouki in SSF2X that featured the Shun Goku Satsu. The GameBoy Advance version came out a year later and much later, the HD Remix version was launched on the PS3/Xbox360.