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Radio IDs

I was a DJ at WCDB for 5 of my college years. I went from Training Coordinator to Metal Director to Station Manager and those years were some of the best of my life. As music director I was given many opportunities to meet bands and the following are some radio IDs that I got from musicians. In many cases, I have them talking about me (slateman) directly, which is pretty cool. Quality varies and gets worse as you go along, but getting Hanneman to say my name was friggin' awesome! I interviewed King Diamond twice and neither time did I get a good version. Ah well, enjoy!

Jeff Hanneman (Slayer)

Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)

Bruce Dickinson (Solo / Iron Maiden)

Eric Peterson (Testament)

Josh Silver (Type O Negative)

Logan Mader (Machine Head)

Jason Ward (Flotsam & Jetsam)