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Street Fighter Zero Series

Part IV in the backgrounds series, here we're looking at Street Fighter Zero / Alpha. I've already told you that this series was my favorite. I decided to go through and capture backgrounds solely from these games. This includes commentary, of course!

Street Fighter Zero: Thailand

I said to myself, "I'm not doing this three times!" When I found the floor solution here, a shoddy one at that, I decided to test it out on the other two versions. It was perfect. I used the same selection on all three and it worked marvelously. SFZ didn't have very elaborate stages, so the two layers were a cinch once I found the floor solution. That's it! The first is Adon's, the second, Dan's and the final is Sagat's stage. All are cool, but the colors in Dan's is just awesome.

SFZ: Thailand

Sagat's Other Stages

Here are Sagat's stages in SFZ2 and SFZ3. Note the former is unusually small. The parallax scrolling made this rather tiny. I had to position the front pillars so they wouldn't obscure too much. I had to cover the smallest one on the left.

SFZ2: Sagat

This one was interesting as the foreground layer (not the lillies, behind that) were the gold portions of the statue's attire. Bracelets, headdress, clothing, that was all separate. Not sure why, but the final product came out well. The floor went smoothly here, for a change!

SFZ2: Sagat


Not bad, flooring issues, but 3 layers worked out nicely. Not much to really look at, the candles flickered, so I chose the color that best matched the rest.

SFZ3: Gouki


This one had a strange occurance. The background is the sky and mountains. I stretched that. Then comes the house and some trees to the right. Well, as they moved in a different layer of parallax, you'd have to stretch it, but it looked horrible that way. The house was halfway across the screen. So, I took the trees, made a different layer, moved them to the right and kept the house where it was. So much better. Then you have the ground and trees in the foreground, and finally the snake and clothesline. The final product looks good, but it took me a bit to figure out a solution.

SFZ3: Blanka

E. Honda

This stage looks cool to me. The circe in the front required a bit of work, and matching up the backing layers took a while. It's not perfect, and I can see the problem, but you probably can't, and I don't want to share.

SFZ3: E. Honda


Like Dan's stage, there were some oddities in the fourth layer. I edited the floor quickly and it works. The guy to the right animates, and now that I see it, I should move his shadow more into the foreground. I think the floor is covering it.

SFZ3: Dhalsim


This didn't really inspire me, but I figured I'd just do it quickly. In the end, it actually turned out pretty well. This was the first time I noticed some oddities in the foreground. Some items that are in the fourth layer (which is usually reserved for the characters, lifebars, etc.) would be both in the foreground and in the background. Just behind the tall pole to the left of the swingset is a house. That is on the same layer as the poles and tire on the far left. I just had to separate that and move it backwards.

SFZ3: Dan