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After exhausting most of arcade and console rip possibilities, I went back and ripped out some GIFs of GameBoy SF games. More on each below.

Street Fighter II (GB) Sprites

For Street Fighter II, I captured both the black-and-white characters as well as the Super GameBoy versions which are just colored slightly differently. This game included only 9 of the 12 fighters, omitting Balrog, Dhalsim and Honda. While each character has very few frames of animation, the translation to handheld looks surprisingly good. The fact that there's only two buttons, however, does not translate well. In any event, the title, which was based on SSFII, was certainly a lowlight of the SF series, but worth sharing in the very least.

Street Fighter II (GameBoy)

Street Fighter Zero (GBC) Sprites

The GameBoy Color boasted a port of SFZ that is an awfully-ugly version of a great game. The characters look dreadful though their animations are far more detailed than SFII above. All 13 fighters were available in this 1999 port. You can see the animations below which were all about six frames (unlike SFII which was merely 2-4).

Street Fighter Zero (GameBoy Color)