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Sprite Sheets

Using Kawaks, I have gone through the arduous process of capturing individual sprites with each color palette. There's no particular reason I've done this except the old adage, 'b/c I wanted to.' So, these may be useless to most but here's what I've put together.

I've also put together a number of Sprites & Animated GIFs.

Blanka (10)
Blanka (6)
Blanka (6)
Cammy (10)
Cammy (6)
Dhalsim (11)
Guile (10)
Guile (10)
Sakura (18)
Sagat (13)
Gouki/Ken/Ryu/Dan (1 million gifs)

Misc Sprites

Mostly SF sprites, these are just a handful of individual sprites. Check them out here.