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Sprite Sheets

At first I was just curious. How many different pallette swaps are there? Well, as the games went on, I realized how absurd it was.

From the first game until the third, you'll notice the sprite size increase.

SF - 46x92
SFII - 59x90
SFZ - 68x99
SFIII - 78x111

Ryu/Ken/Gouki/Dan PF Sprites

Pocket Fighter animations. Since these are the smallest, I put them first.

Ryu/Ken SF Sprites

These weren't even animations, just one frame. I cleaned these up.

Ryu/Ken/Gouki SFII Sprites

Ahhh, figured I might as well do it. This isn't nearly as bad as the set below, but it's still a bit ridiculous. Here's the full set of SFII game swaps.

Ryu/Ken/Gouki SFII GBA Sprites

For some reason in early spring 2016, I went back to the GBA version of SSFIIX Revival and capped all the swaps. Since Shin Gouki was available, there is a full set of 18 swaps for Gouki! The GBA game had some 'exclusive' backgrounds and medium attacks were mapped to long button presses. Oh what a weird time in the world! Anyways, here is the full set!

Ryu/Ken/Gouki/Dan SFZ Sprites

Talk about Palette Swaps! OK, here we have all four shotokans from all the Zero/Alpha and Versus games. This includes Ryu and Satsui No Hadou Ryu's GIFs from all three Zero games, Z2A and the Versus titles. There are possibly more in Z3U(U), but I can't capture those. I also discovered Ryu's alternate outfits in MVC which has him as Ken and Gouki. That explains the odd hands (fourth in from left, 2nd Ryu line and 3rd from the end) That's four more, tallying 23 Ryu colors.

On top of those, we have Gouki and Shin Gouki (11 and 6 sprites a piece), 9 for Ken and 8 Dan GIFs. That's no fewer than 57 different images for the same sprite! The only changes are Gouki's hands, gi and their heads, really. Oh, and I never checked MVC2 as it's on Naomi hardware.

Ryu/Ken/Gouki SFIII Sprites

I didn't even touch Sean here as his swaps are so ugly. I could do 'em, there are at least 18 of those.

Spanning all three SFIII games (except for Gouki), you see there are a ton of swaps here. The sprites are larger and there are more frames of animation. I chose my favorite and put these together. 21 for Ryu, 22 for Ken and 16 for Gouki totals 59 among these frames. And, this doesn't include CVS2!