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Just individual sprites from the Street Fighter series of games...

Street Fighter Sprites

I also put together some SF Sprite Sheets and Chun-Li Sprite Sheets.


There are 12 Cammy clones in the SF universe. These Dolls aren't actually clones, but just other women who were kidnapped by Vega and genetically enhanced like Cammy. Each character is named after a month of the year from their home country. Here is a quick pic of them. See if you can figure out which months are which!

These sprites are from SFZ3 when you face off against Juli and Juni (pronounced as /yu-li/, not like the common Julie). Before the characters appear, 9 of the 12 dolls are shown on the screen, first falling from the sky. Then they land all next to each other.

This pic and plenty of information about them to be found at CammyFan. Scroll down to the bottom of this section for all the details.

I put them on a grey bg, b/c everything is so dark on black, you couldn't see anything!

Aprile, Decapre, Fevrier, Juni, Marz, Noembelu, Santum, Satsuki, Xiayu
not shown: Juli, Enero, Yanyu

Capcom Vs. Series