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These GIFs were ripped using NeoPocott the NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator. I actually used Neopocott SDL (0.38b R2.1) as it allows screenshots.

I haven't unlocked all the hidden characters, so those aren't here. The art and animation is pretty cool for this handheld game and I'd like to capture more, if time allows. For now, check out the standing animations for all the Capcom regular characters.

Bonus Characters - New 2019!

Finally unlocked those bonus characters, but not the legitimate way, of course. ArtMoney plus NeoPocott. No easy pause function, no easy screenshot function...not particularly fun, especially considering Evil Ryu's unique and strange animation. As jerky as it looks, that's about what it's like in game. Stupid, I realize, but I'm kinda thrilled to have a full Capcom set of these. I bet they exist somewhere else, but these are mine!

[Edit] Just use Mednafen from here on out and save yourself frustration.

[Edit] I updated the portraits page on SF Galleries with both character colors. This was an old set from a long time ago. I'm glad to have updated it.