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Stage & Fighter Colors

When writing my book, I did a deep dive into the Street Fighter EX series, highlighting changes between the base game and its Plus upgrade. The most-obvious alteration came in background stage coloring. In addition, each fighter's second color was removed (except for Skullomania) and replaced with a new one. Below are the color and outfit changes for the base 17 fighters, and additional snaps of EX+ and EX+A exclusives: B. Hokuto, Evil Ryu, Dhalsim and Sakura. The Cycloids aren't present here.

I've also uploaded a full set of stage swaps for Street Fighter EX2 / EX2 Plus if you're interested.

Street Fighter EX
Street Fighter EX Plus
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha
Allen (SFEX)
Allen (SFEX+)
Allen (SFEX+a)
Blair (SFEX)
Blair (SFEX+)
Blair (SFEX+a)
Chun-Li (SFEX)
Chun-Li (SFEX+)
Chun-Li (SFEX+a)
Cracker Jack (SFEX)
Cracker Jack (SFEX+)
Cracker Jack (SFEX+a)
Darun (SFEX)
Darun (SFEX+)
Darun (SFEX+a)
Doctrine Dark (SFEX)
Doctrine Dark (SFEX+)
Doctrine Dark (SFEX+a)
Garuda (SFEX)
Garuda (SFEX+)
Garuda (SFEX+a)
Gouki (SFEX)
Gouki (SFEX+)
Gouki (SFEX+a)
Guile (SFEX)
Guile (SFEX+)
Guile (SFEX+a)
Kairi (SFEX)
Kairi (SFEX+)
Kairi (SFEX+a)
Ken (SFEX)
Ken (SFEX+)
Ken (SFEX+a)
Pullum (SFEX)
Pullum (SFEX+)
Pullum (SFEX+a)
Ryu (SFEX)
Ryu (SFEX+)
Ryu (SFEX+a)
Skullomania (SFEX)
Skullomania (SFEX+)
Skullomania (SFEX+a)
Vega (SFEX)
Vega (SFEX+)
Vega (SFEX+a)
Zangief (SFEX)
Zangief (SFEX+)
Zangief (SFEX+a)
Hokuto (SFEX)
Dhalsim (SFEX+)
Dhalsim (SFEX+a)
B. Hokuto (SFEX)
B. Hokuto (SFEX+)
B. Hokuto (SFEX+a)
Evil Ryu (SFEX)
Evil Ryu (SFEX+)
Evil Ryu (SFEX+a)
Dhalsim (SFEX)
Dhalsim (SFEX+)
Dhalsim (SFEX+a)
Sakura (SFEX)
Sakura (SFEX+)
Sakura (SFEX+a)