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Stage Recoloring

When writing my book, I did a deep dive into the changes between the base Street Fighter EX and EX2 and their Plus upgrades. The most-obvious alteration came in background stage coloring. In the first game, each fighter lost his or her second color and gained a new one. In EX2 Plus, the second color was lost and a pair of new ones was added.

However, unlike the original EX, whose stages you can see here, levels were random which made capturing them with identical fighters a long chore. Instead, you'll see a variety of character matchups below.

As Hayate was removed from EX2 Plus, he's not shown below. Some final details: the first stage shown, Amusement Crime, was removed from the Western versions as the man/dummy hung in the back was deemed a bit too morbid. Even in the ending sequence, this area was greyed out. The second stage with the lounging Buddha, this starts at a different camera angle.

On the bottom you'll find the one EX2-only stage. This was removed from the updrade and was replaced with seven new arenas.

Street Fighter EX2
Street Fighter EX2 Plus
Street Fighter EX2 Only
Street Fighter EX2 Plus Only
Street Fighter EX2 Plus Only