At the end of the first loop in Don Pachi you're greeted by Colonel Longhener and he congratulates you. Of course, you're not quite done yet...

There are no requirements to play the second loop. So, if you're up for the task, you'll see this after defeating Taisabachi.


Stick around for the credits and see this interesting nugget. Plasmo told me in his own words that this is, "Pipiru the the official mascot of Toaplan. He had several appearances as an easter egg in Outzone, Zero Wing and Tatsujin Oh." After Toaplan closed down in 1994, several programmers went on to form Cave and began work on Don Pachi. This seems to be the last time Pipiru would be seen.

DDP features three endings. The first is when you complete the game but do not go on to the second loop (first image below).

The second is when you complete the first loop fulfilling the requirements for the second loop (second and third images in the first row).

Loop 1 Game Over
Heading To Second Loop

Finally, by defeating Hibachi, you will see the true ending below.

There are two endings to DDP2. By scoring 400 million points through the main campaign, you'll open up a bonus seventh stage. This features a mechanical form of Hibachi and a different ending.

The first set of screens is from the bad ending. You see your pilots struggling, then a picture (of Hibachi?) and The End...? This is interspersed with a ship image (see the Bad Ending image at the bottom.)

By defeating Hibachi, you get a few individual pilot snapshots and a different ship image. Then it just says The End. This will be followed by the credits (which don't roll after the bad ending.)

Bad Ending
Good Ending

Good Ending Pilot Snapshots
Bad Ending
Good Ending

It was almost a decade before DOJ received an English translation and the following are captures from that IOS port. I have the original Japanese endings captures but not the ability to translate them fully. These will have to do!

All three dolls feature the same introduction to the ending. The name to the left is a Leinyan but that'll change to the other two dolls for their endings. What happens after diving into the system differs for each doll and those endings will be shown below.

Is there a different ending for a second loop/Hibachi run?


These are low-quality edits. I have the Japanese endings captured nice and cleanly but these are photographs and screen captures and they are not pretty. They'll do for now. You'll notice that the translations are different between DDP: Resurrection for the Xbox360 and for the IOS version. Keeping in the tradition of this site (excess!), I've provided both.

By completing the first loop, you are given a choice. This will be the first set of images below. If you continue the battle, you'll head off to the second loop.

By completing the second loop, the second image will show. Here is where you're not-so-surprisingly betrayed by Longhener and whisked away to battle Taisabachi (Golden Disaster).

The last is the game over ending. You'll receive this three-panel ending whether you fail to go to the second loop, if you defeat Taisabachi or if you beat Hibachi.

First Loop Ending

Before Taisabachi

Game Over

It appears there are four different endings for DDP: Maximum. You will get one for completing any version of level 5 and another for defeating Hibachi on stage 5-E.

Then, in Novice Mode, you can get the regular ending on stage 5-A. Note that this stage is different than the standard 5 layout from non-Novice Mode. Finally, by completing this hidden stage on Novice 5-E (it doesn't appear to be selectable, but it is if you've unlocked stage 5-E in regular mode) you can get the final ending.

My skills render me useless at those two harder revisions, so I'll post images of the easier endings and the text of the harder ones!

Easy Mode Clear

Normal Mode Clear (5-A through 5-D)

By defeating Bullfrog on stage 5-E in Novice Mode, you are given the following ending.

1 Minute Rae:
"Ha! How about that firepower? I'm not even at my full potential yet, but my boss simulation is unbeatable!" (That loss at the end doesn't count...)

"Those who insult the good doctor must be eliminated..."

1 Minute Rae:
"Says who?!"



1 Minute Rae:
"...she moves so fast..."

Tour Conductor:
"And now to rewrite our guest's memory..."


Two Hours Later

Dr. Ingram K Daugh:
" will quickly understand the murderous capabilities of the overwhelming firepower we have..."

Tour Conductor:
"The rebellious elements have been suppressed.

We're counting on you, Dr. Daugh."

By beating Hibachi on stage 5-E, you will get this ending.

Tour Conductor:
"Excellent work. Your mission ends here." "Your aptitude has impressed us." Now then, please wait while I connect you to Dr. Daugh."

Dr. ingram K. Daugh:
"Unbelievable...It's just not possible..."

"We developed this simulator with a rigorous design, one that no one would be able to destroy..."

"And yet your abilities have surpassed it..."

"With a limitless stock of bullets in the compartments of these weapons, our firepower is unparalleled in coverage and destructive strength."

"These munitions have beaten back the repeated attacks of lone wold pilots..."

"...and our achievements have earned us a top position within our industry."

"We recognize your talent."

"But we still have our pride!"

"We will redouble our efforts in arms development to create a system which no craft can penetrate..."

"Once they are completed, you are hereby requested to face these new weapons in combat."

Rather than capture these in Japanese, I'll include pestro87's translation which was posted on the shmups forum. I can't comment on the accuracy of such a translation but it seems pretty solid to me!!!

Ending Without Facing Hibachi

"Computer system has been confirmed to be destroyed. The mission is over. Please return to base safely."

"Hmmm...despite adding more pressure... you didn't get out of my way already. Seems like there are no more secrets to unleash and as such, there's nothing else that can be done. Well then. Bye bye."

"Wh-,what is this? Just now...the source of the transmission couldn't be specified...!"

Everyone lived in happiness in the "City Of Ideal" thanks to the instructions of the computer that controls everything. By working together, the "mechanized planet people" that had intruded, were annihilated.

Having that said, no evidence had been found that they had entered from the outside. Where in the world had those people come from?

...No, this operation was completed.
I will not think about this. I am of the DonPachi Corps. I fly like a bee from the orders of my leaders.

I thought that this city was at peace but before I knew it, it was armed...
Wasn't the computer supposed to be perfectly managing the city?
My combat memory... it tells me that this is not the end.
I sense that something is still hiding.
Would you please prepare for the next battle? Master.

That last signal... It came from nearby where we are, however, it felt very different.
I don't think that I'm imagining things...
Were mechanized planet people over there? It was a very familiar feeling...
Well, I suppose that this operation is still not over.
I will accompany you that time as well... Does that sound good?

Maria: off...
The mechanized planet people... are they nowhere to be found...?
This is still...unresolved... I have a feeling that this battle will still continue...
But...we will be fighting together again, right? Master...

Ending (Hibachi shot down)

"Target silenced...An audio signal has been caught from the target. Incoming! This code...! Element daughter...?!"

"Ah...defeated...completely fallen...? Huh? It came to this extent. The mechanized planet people told me about it, I guess... I was told that I would save everyone. That lower body, I thought that I would get used to the other form of my body. Each and everyone in the city made small improvements to it. Wasn't everything going smoothly...? However, it was all for nothing... For quite some time now, it's been the form that I wanted to look like...Do your best...!"

Element dolls and element daughters.
Originally there was only one but they transformed into two forms.
Remains of humans who are helping humans.
Existing to do things for upper-class people.
Times change and so did their form, so when fights arose, the unwanted were culled out.
Humans who remains as humans, they seem to be the chosen ones.
In other words, they are the ultimate form.

Much better form, huh...? Ridiculous.
I'm the ultimate form today. I won't lose to anything. Right, master?
This battle is over. Goodbye...
However, another battle will soon begin somewhere else in this world.
But in the next world, master will fight with me. Sounds good?

That child, I think it was acting on its own.
If that's so, then the end result has become a sad thing as its energy and behavior would be very, very valuable. Does that child also have a master...?
The more that we talked, the more I wondered if we could become friends...
...Master. Please be with me forever...

I.. I exist to always assist master...
In whichever form he may be in, I will have my original master.
That will never change, despite the many other changes that will continue for an eternity.
Don't forget that.

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