DoDonPuchi was a mobile-based 'port' of DoDonPachi and was released in 2003. This was issued on 504i series cell phones. Shortly after, another title, DoDonPuchi Zero was issued. I believe this was for different hardware (still mobile phones though).

As mobile hardware has changed drastically, I haven't much information here. However, long ago I pulled some screenshots from Cave's official site (original mobile pages are long gone).

You can read an old news blip in Japanese from 2003 over at K-Tai Watch where it was announced.

In addition, there's an interview with Manabu Namiki (scroll down a bit) which lists his credits and in which he speaks about the game, albeit briefly:

What shooting game music you've composed has given you a lot of troubles, or is otherwise very memorable for you?

The work I did for the mobile phone app Dodonpuchi Zero gave me a lot of problems. The available memory was tiny, and there wasn't enough space for the BGM data, so there was no way to get it to fit except for removing notes from the songs. Even though I had to shave off so many notes from the pieces, the songs still needed to be enjoyable to listen to, and with all the fine tuning I had to do on these songs it was like some incredibly complex puzzle. Those days remind me of how much I hated the way musical data was done on mobile devices. (laughs)


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