22nd May, 2008
DoDonPachi 4 was titled DDP: Daifukkatsu, translated into 'Resurrection' in English. In the story told in DDP: Dai-Ou-Jou, both Shotia & Leinyan died a 'peaceful (or blissful) death' (I prefer the former). However, EXY killed her pilot after diving into the computer system.

DFK picks up six years later where EXY was sending information (in the form of a virus) into the past. Godwin Longhener and his DoDonPachi Squadron mobilized, sending the pilot into the past (2008, the present when the game was issued) where he would encounter a trap. Next EXY (or NEXY) created Element Daughters (some were reborn 'versions' on the dolls from DOJ.)

This game would go on to be the most prolific DDP for Cave, appearing in a number of iterations on the Xbox360, Android & IOS ports, several soundtracks, superplay DVDs and more. It didn't necessarily sit well with the hardcore gaming base though. Bullet cancelling and the overall lack of true hardcore difficulty turned off many gamers, but the company did something right. They would turn around and announce DDP: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou shortly after its release on the Xbox360.

This time around, the protagonists of DOJ returned but reborn in some fashion as enemies. Therefore, the ship operators weren't really highlighted. Unlike its predecessor DOJ and its sequel SDOJ (even DDP II), the ships were nameless class ships. However, the typical choices remained (Red, Green, Blue - whose speeds and shot width differed).

The final bosses of DFK were Taisabachi and Hibachi. Completing the game with one set of requirements would lead you to the Tsuujou loop, whose boss was Taisabachi (AKA Golden Disaster). A more rigid set of requirements led to the Ura loop and its boss, Hibachi who had a witty (?) name of ]-[|/34<#!.

DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu

Released: 2008

The initial release of the game was revision 1.0 and came out in spring of 2008. This featured a game-breaking bug and shortly thereafter Cave worked on an updated version. This featured only two selectable ships.

1.0 vs 1.5 Ship Selection

DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu (Ver 1.5)

Released: 2008

Fixing some of the main issues with version 1.0 and adding the green Type-B ship, this came out less than two months after version 1.0. This revision adds two more numbers to the score and several other smaller fixes. 1.5 is therefore the main release of DFK and is the version found on the Xbox360/IOS/Android ports.

DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu Black Label

Released: 2010

Following in the tradition of Black-Label releases, this was issued in 2010. This was released as DLC for console versions and features its own set of achievements. There were numerous changes to the system for this version.

Scoring Basics thread


This is DLC for home conversions and was made public only at the Cave Matsuri Festival in 2010. This has some differences to the scoring system and has only one loop. The button configuration is akin to that of DDP:DOJ.

  • 3 buttons instead of 4, just like Daioujou. Bomb button doubles as hyper button.
  • Hyper mode time has been reduced.
  • Kill enemies with laser and you get more points than with shot.
  • When the autobomb triggers, all of your bomb stock depletes (similar to Ketsui DS)
  • Combo doesn't cut off when you use bombs.
  • Bombs increase when some as of yet unknown requirement is reached.
  • Stage layouts, enemy positions, and other aspects of the game system are exactly the same as ver 1.5
  • Seems you have to destroy a boss while in hyper mode, otherwise you don't get the star items to collect afterward
  • Use a lot of hypers, and it will go to the 2nd loop patterns
(from the defunct cave-stg)

Xbox360: DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu Ver. 1.5

Released 25th November, 2010.

The first home port of DFK was a standalone 1.5. This was a region-locked port on the 360. Modes

  • Xbox360 Mode (Arcade)
  • Novice
  • Arrange A (ver L)
  • Arrange B (ver B)
  • 1.51 (Free DLC only for first printings)
  • 1.51
  • Black Label (1200 MS Points) (3 February, 2011)
    • Includes: Black Label & Black Label Novice

Later issued as a budget Platinum Edition with different artwork.

Xbox360: DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu Ver. 1.5 Limited Edition

Released 25th November, 2010.


  • Different artwork
  • Adds Special Arranged CD
  • Adds Special Contents Download Card?

Xbox360: Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu Black Label

Released 3rd February, 2011

This was a separate, stand-alone release containing three modes. Black Label, BL Novice & BL Arrange (referred to as KetsuiPachi as it is an amalgamation of the two games.) While BL & BL Novice were DLC on the standard 1.5 games, this was the only way to get BL Arrange until the Steam release in late 2016.

Made Tigerschwert available as a selectable ship & a pair of new final bosses HIVAC & Zatsuza.

Was there a limited-edition release of this?

Later issued as a budget Cave Selection title alongside standard Ver. 1.5 on the 26th April, 2012.

Xbox360: Daifukkatsu Ver 1.5 (Platinum Edition)

Released 8th March, 2012.

Budget re-issue of the standard version 1.5.

Not region free

Xbox360: Daifukkatsu 1.5 / Black Label Double Pack

Released 26th April, 2012

Not region free

Xbox360: DoDonPachi: Resurrection - Deluxe Edition

Released November, 2011

Region-Free European translation of DDP:DFK into English. It's called a Deluxe Edition but unlike the regular 1.5 games in Japan, there is no standard edition to compare this to. This version contains everything like the standard 1.5 release but also includes an Arranged Soundtrack.

This is the first and only console DDP game to be translated into English.


  • 1.51 (80 MS Points / now £0.65)
  • Black Label (800 MS Points / now £14.99)
    • Includes: Black Label & Black Label Novice

IOS / Android: DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu / Resurrection

Released 26th April, 2010

An iOS version of the game was released in 2010 via the Apple App Store. This carried the DDP:DFK moniker in the east, DDP: Resurrection in the west. This is a port of Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu version 1.5. There are additions such as an iOS exclusive mode and the ability to play as Hibachi after certain conditions. In addition to the regular soundtrack, the iOS exclusive soundtrack is included.

An HD version was also issued for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, for a few more bucks/Yen.

This version was ported to Android in 2011 for the G-Gee service and released internationally on the 31st August, 2012. Likely the same as the IOS game.

Steam: DoDonPachi: Resurrection

Released 14th October, 2016

Degica published this game as Resurrection on Steam in 2016 which brought together all prior game modes: 1.5 (both Normal & Novice), 1.51, Arrange A (Version L), Arrange B (Version B), Black Label, Black Label Novice and the much-demanded Black Label Arrange (Ketsuipachi!)

Additional soundtrack content could be purchased as well. Four of the five soundtracks listed below (all but the iPhone / iPod Touch versions) were available.

Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu OST

Released: 20th February, 2009
Cat #: CVST-0010
23 tracks


Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu Black Label OST

Released: 20th February, 2010


Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu Arrange Album

Released: 25th November, 2010
Cat #: CVAS-006
16 Tracks


This is the retail release, however this also was made available for those who purchased the initial limited-edition 1.5 release (above) or DDP: Resurrection as that deluxe edition (no standard edition was ever made) also contained this disc as a bonus.

Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu OST for iPhone / iPod Touch

Released: 26th December, 2010
Cat #: CVIS-0001
21 Tracks


Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu Black Label Arrange Mode Album

Released: 19th February, 2011
Cat #: CVAS-007
12 Tracks


Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu Official DVD

Came with keychain?
3 Discs (130 mins / 90 mins / 90 mins)
Region 2 DVD
eBay Auction

Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu Black Label official DVD

2 Discs (100 mins / 97 mins)
Region 2
eBay Auction

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