Initially released for Windows Phone 7 and later ported to iPhone & iPad, DDP Maximum is a different take on the classic shmup.

This featured a remixed soundtrack which included familiar takes on classic DDP tracks.

Levels are structured in a tree format requiring you to complete two of three tasks to move on to a higher difficulty. Therefore, while there are only five levels, each subsequent stage has more varieties. Level 5-A is significantly less challenging than 5-E (which I've never beaten). Completing a stage with no miss isn't as hard as it sounds, as you have an auto bomb that will recharge as you defeat enemies.

Like Ketsui and some other familiar Cave games, the closer to an enemy you are when you defeat it, the larger the star/point value. The homage to Ketsui can also be found on the pair of level three bosses (Black Draft and Cinderella Amber). In addition the Tigershwert ship from Ketsui makes an appearance.

Level Tree

While DDP: Maximum is a unique take on the DDP formula, it feels familiar enough and is designed for quick, short games. By unlocking stage 5-E you can find a hidden bonus stage. Simply turn on Easy Mode in the options menu and then go choose stage 5-E.

DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou / DoDonPachi Maximum OST

Issued 25th April, 2012
Includes artbook
2 Discs (15/25)
Disc 1 = SDOJ
Disc 2 = Maximum (1-15)
Disc 2 = DDP Arrange (16-25)

DoDonPachi Maximum MBX Ver2.02 Soundtrack

Issued 21st December, 2012
Digital-only release available free from Dec 21-31, 2012.
Arranged versions of tracks from Ketsui (1-2, 5) and ESPGaluda II (3-4)
6 tracks


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