Free-To-Play mobile game released on iPhone / iPad and Android devices on the 11th of March, 2014.

This game is not officially a DDP title but it's clear the title exists within the world. You'll find references to bosses, dolls and the like throughout the game. The characters in Japanese suggest it should be called Don Pachin, I don't know why they've opted for Don Paccin.

In this title, I've seen all three dolls from SDOJ, a few of the bosses from DFK, you can also find Saya and Hina from SDOJ among others.

Combining RPG elements and the classic DDP shmup experience, this is a very curious release. While it may not be DDP canon, it's a DDP title to me. You can read some information about setting it up and the like at the Shmups Forum. For now, some screenshots and the like.



Seseri is from ESPGaluda II.

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