What follows is a comprehensive list of mid-bosses and final bosses (and true last bosses farther down) from the DDP world. For now, I've eschewed DDP II: Beestorm entirely, all while lifting the suffix for the title of this site itself. I've given as much information as possible and worked diligently to get images of all these characters. Translations were offered where possible, with questionable quality; my limited Japanese has diminished greatly over the years. Credits are listed at the bottom of this document. Any suggestions, fixes or additions are welcome!


Known as Element Daughter A.I., she was designed by Next EXY to prevent the human race from the future.

Don Paccin
DFK: Stage 1 Boss
Max: Stage 1 Boss
Don Paccin: Character


A.I. Fake

Seeing as how A.I. was defeated by stage 4, I don't understand the name of this boss. Is it A.I. Fake or Eye Fake/Fake Eye? I haven't a clue, but this boss only appeared in one game.

DFK: Stage 4 Mid-Boss (Omote Path)

(ESPGaluda II)

Asmodeus is a massive, multi-part boss from the fourth stage of ESPGaluda II. This huge enemy only appeared as a second mid-boss on the hidden stage in DDP: Maximum. This hidden stage is only available on Novice Mode as either stage 5-A or 5-E (hidden & rather difficult!) This stage also features a pair of bosses from Ketsui: Vinogradov and Bullfrog.

Max: Bonus Stage Mid-Boss #1

(ESPGaluda II)

Black Draft

This ship only made an appearance as a mid-boss in DDP Maximum and is the stage-4 mid-boss in Ketsui. Cinderella Amber was the boss on the same level in both games. In Maximum, the BGM is Interception - Town In Upheaval which is the BGM from Ketsui's first stage.

Max: Stage 3 Boss



The stage-1 boss from Ketsui returns in the homage-filled DDP: Maximum. This time it is the boss of the bonus level. This stage is only available in novice mode as either stage 5-A (or a rather difficult stage 5-E). This challenging stage which also features Vinogradov and Asmodeus.

Max: Bonus Stage Boss

Byakko (White Tiger)

Stage 2 boss for three DDP games. Byakko translates to White Tiger and is part of the Four Mythological Figures (or symbols) of Chinese constellations. Byakko is associated with the west and also the autumn season and rounds out the cast of DOJ bosses associated with these mythological figures.

DOJ: Stage 2 Boss
Max: Stage 2 Boss
SDOJ: Stage 2 Boss



Cinderella Amber

This ship only made an appearance as a boss in DDP Maximum's third level and is the stage-4 boss in Ketsui. Black Draft was the sub-boss on the same level in both games. In Maximum, the BGM is Interception - Town In Upheaval which is the BGM from Ketsui's first stage.

Max: Stage 3 Boss



Dogaku appears sporadically throughout the DDP world, usually together with Shingaku. It seems Dogaku is mainly the enormous cannon in the middle. Dogaku appears in DDP: Maximum as a boss, and then seems to appear again on stage 5!

DOJ: Stage 4 Mid-Boss (with Shingaku)
DFK: Minor Enemy on Stage 5
Max: Stage 4 Mid-Boss (?) / Stage 5 enemy


Genbu (Black Tortoise)

Another boss that appears on the same stage, just years apart. Genbu emits large cylinders at you among its other, standard attacks. Genbu is also one of the Four Mythological Figures (or symbols of Chinese constellations just like all the bosses from DOJ. Genbu is associated with the north and winter and translates to Black Tortoise.

DDP: Stage 3 Boss
SDOJ: Stage 3 Boss


Hisou (Flying Eraser)

I'm fairly certain Hisou can be found as a minor enemy in other DDP games but not as a mid-boss until reprising that level 1, mid-boss role in SDOJ. In DFK a very similar ship is listed as 'Venus Flight Lap' (Venus Fly Trap), so it's either a play on words or a typo. Hisou translates to mean 'Flying Eraser'. I'm probably wrong about all of this.

DDP: Stage 1 Mid-Boss
SDOJ: Stage 1 Mid-Boss


IGS Scion

Huge mid-boss that sprawls an enormous section of Stage 3 in SDOJ!

SDOJ: Stage 3 Mid-Boss


Before Next Exy comes out, you'll face off against Iris on stage 2 of DFK.

DFK: Stage 2 Boss (Part 1)



Large saucer-shaped boss from DDP's third level, Kakou made an appearance in DDP2 and on stage three of DFK as a mid-boss of the Ura path. Cave, thinking DFK would be the last DDP (Well, the same could be said for DOJ and later SDOJ!) really catered to the series' history when making DFK. As you can see, the ship looks almost identical to DDP's original Kakou. My best translation of this is 'Descent', 'Fall' or even 'Crater'. In DDP2 the label is Hex Comb (Dragnet).

DDP: Stage 3 Boss
DDP2: Stage 3 Boss
DFK: Stage 3 Mid-Boss (Ura Path)


Kangaku (Round Jaws)

This isn't much of a mid-boss but it pauses the screen and has a life bar so it counts! Kangaku appears to translate into 'Round Jaws'.

DOJ: Stage 1 Mid-Boss

Kouryuu (Yellow Dragon)

Kouryuu seems to be the containment unit housing Hibachi. After defeating Kouryuu, Hibachi emerges (if requirements have been met!) Along with Byakko, Genbu, Seiryu and Suzaku, Kouryuu completes the circle of the Chinese constellation's Four Mythological Figures (or symbols) and translates to Yellow Dragon. Kouryuu is associated with the center (the others have cardinal directions) and is a fitting way to complete DOJ's tribute to the four gods/four sacred beasts. Sometimes translated simply as Ouryuu, a track on the DOJ OST is titled Ouryuu = Yellow Float (Last Boss). Kouryuu/Ouryuu translates to Yellow Dragon.

DOJ: Stage 5 Boss
SDOJ: Stage 5 Boss



While Kuura appeared in DOJ, this stage-3 mid-boss had an entirely different look for 2008's DFK. In fact, it's named slightly differently as well.

DOJ: Stage 3 Mid-Boss
DFK: Stage 3 Mid-Boss (Omote Path) (As Kuura 2008 Model)


Next EXY

As EXY died at the end of DOJ after going into the computer system and emerging mad. She killed her pilot & was destroyed. Next EXY (or NEXY) is EXY in some form and she is the cause of DFK's conflict. Her objective was to destroy the military war facility to save the future. In going back in time, she brought machines which perpetuated war and solved nothing. She is responsible for recreating Shotia (into Shooty) and Leinyan (into Ray'n).

You face Next EXY after defeating Iris.

DFK: Stage 2 Boss


Her transformation in DFK is pretty cool, see the image to the right!

DFK: Stage 5 Boss

Perfect Shadow A (Ace)

DFK: Stage 5 Mid-Boss 1 (Omote)

Perfect Shadow G (Great)

DFK: Stage 5 Mid-Boss 2 (Omote)


DFK: Stage 2 Mid-Boss (Ura Path)

Raikou (Lightning)

Menacing Stage 4 boss from DDP, this ship was a nuisance and returned in both DOJ and DFK. It was never quite as difficult to beat after its first appearance! DOJ's recreation of the original DDP boss looks almost identical. In DDP2, it's listed as Crazy Bee.

DDP: Stage 4 Boss
DDP2: Stage 4 Boss
DOJ: Stage 5 Mid-Boss #1
DFK: Stage 4 Mid-Boss (Ura Path)



Raisou (Thunder Claw)

Helicoper mid-boss exclusively featured on stage 2. The name translates roughly to 'Thunder Claw'.

DOJ: Stage 2 Mid-Boss
Max: Stage 2 Mid-Boss
SDOJ: Stage 2 Mid-Boss



Rankou (Storm Light)

Iconic Stage 5 boss of DDP is one of few bosses to appear in all future DDP titles. Sadly, it was not included in SDOJ. The appearance of Rankou, which, to my knowledge means 'Storm Light', is almost identical throughout all titles.

DDP: Stage 5 Boss
DOJ: Stage 5 Mid-Boss 2
Max: Stage 5 Mid-boss 1
DFK: Stage 5 Mid-Boss 1 (Ura Path)




Ray'n is the remnants of Leinyan (doll from DOJ) with feelings left over.

DFK: Stage 4 Boss


Enormous final boss from DDP, back when there were six stages per game! While Hibachi is the iconic final boss, I always felt Ryuukou was a more foreboding enemy. Later relegated to mid-boss status, my feelings haven't changed although the difficulty dropped dramatically!

DDP: Stage 6 Boss
DFK: Stage 5 Mid-Boss #2 (Ura Path)
Max: Stage 5 Mid-Boss #2



SDOJ: Stage 5 Mid-Boss #3

Seiryu (Azure Dragon)

Huge, multi-part enemy found exclusively on level 4. The name translates to Azure Dragon and is associated with the Four Mythological Figures (or symbols) in Chinese constellations. Each boss in DOJ represents a season and a direction (Seiryu is spring and east respectively.) A fifth figure represents center and that is for Kouryuu (which contains Hibachi).

DOJ: Stage 4 Boss
Max: Stage 4 Boss
SDOJ: Stage 4 Boss


Senkou (Flash Of Light)

Mighty military tank featured on stage two of both DDP and DFK. Featuring multiple destructable sections, Senkou appears to translate to 'Flash of Light' or 'First Attack'. The former sounds better.

DDP: Stage 2 Boss
DFK: Stage 2 Mid-Boss (Omote Path)



Shooty is Shotia, reborn. The elemental doll from DOJ was reborn as a daughter element under the command of Next EXY. Her ship and transformation are shown here.

DFK: Stage 5 Boss



Suzaku is the Japanese name for Vermilion Bird, one of the Four Symbols of Chinese constellations. Suzaku represents south and summer. All of the bosses from DOJ refer to these four sacred beasts (along with Kouryuu.) Suzaku appears in almost every single DDP game, always on level 1. In DDP2, it's on the first main stage (but second stage of the game). Its appearance was almost identical between DDP and DFK but differs for the DOJ games. In all however, its attacks are similar.

DDP: Stage 1 Boss
DDP2: Stage 2 Boss
DOJ: Stage 1 Boss
DFK: Stage 1 Mid-Boss (Ura Path)
Max: Stage 1 Mid-Boss (listed as Suzakuob)
SDOJ: Stage 1 Boss




DFK: Stage 1 Mid-Boss (Omote Path)


Vinogradov, the level-3 mid-boss in Ketsui, appears in the bonus stage of DDP: Maximum as the first mid-boss. This stage is only available in Novice Moe (as either stage 5-A or a hidden and rather difficult 5-E). Vinogradov is the first of two mid-bosses. This stage also contains Asmodeus from ESPGaluda II and Bullfrog, also from Ketsui.

Max: Bonus Stage Mid-Boss #1

DDP2: Stage 4

I have no information about this boss except that you face it on stage 4 of DDP2.

DDP2: Stage 5 Boss

Matrix Bee

The sixth boss in DDP2 is listed as Matrix Bee (Deep-Blue). This boss has huge tentacle wisps which it'll whip at you. This is an imposing boss with a very cool design.

DDP2: Stage 6 Boss

(Don Pachi)


The first hidden boss from Don Pachi was a mechanical bee named Taisabachi. Oftentimes, this boss is mistakenly called Hibachi. However, as you'll read below, Hibachi is the fiery bee, not the battleship.

In Don Pachi, simply completing the game would lead you to a second loop. In all later games, this loop was reserved for people fulfilling specific requirements.

Taisabachi later appeared in DFK and DDP: Maximum and was renamed Golden Disaster for those titles. In DFK, Taisabachi was the boss of the Tsuujou loop, one of two possible second loops. To face this boss, you'd have to complete the game with any of the following:

No Continues + Collect 35 bees
OR: No Continues + Use two bombs or less
OR: No Deaths (Bees/bombs don't matter)

As for DDP: Maximum, Taisabachi was the boss of any of the five possible stage 5s and on stage 5-e, was followed by Hibachi.

Don Pachi: Loop 2 TLB
DFK: Tsuujou Loop Bonus Boss
Max: Stage 5-E Boss






Although Hibachi is synonymous with DDP final bosses, he(she) was not present in the series' first title. However, the top image on the left is iconic and represents DDP spectacularly. Outside of Don Pachi, Hibachi has appeared in every DDP game.

You will face off against Hibachi after completing a second loop (in DDP and DFK. In DOJ and SDOJ however, you must defeat Kouryuu (Hibachi's containment unit) first. While iconic, both images to the left are only Hibachi's first form. Since DoDonPachi roughly translates to Angry Bee Boss, the true representation of Hibachi is more compact and angrier!

Contrasting the two images of massive bee bosses on the left, note the two images below are the final transformation of Hibachi in both DDP and DOJ.


Facing Hibachi in DFK requires you to reach the Ura loop. There are two separate second loops and the requirements for the Ura loop are more challenging. First, you must take the Ura path on the first loop all while collecting all 45 bees, dying no more than once and using two bombs or less. Hibachi here has two forms (as seen to the left).

In SDOJ, which takes place in an alternate timeline, Hina was created along with Saya as Element Dolls Extra Z-001 and Z-002. They were meant to spend time with humanity but things went wrong. (I don't know if it was ever explained what that was, really.) Ultimately Hina decided humanity should be destroyed and Saya, her 'sister' was given the task of destroying her. Hina is the last boss of SDOJ though her transformation into Hibachi is only one form (Inbachi is the other). In order to reach Hibachi, you must complete the game with one death or less and three stages of bee-item perfects.

Hibachi Forms



(Don Paccin)

DDP: Loop 2 TLB
DOJ: Loop 2 TLB
DFK: Ura Loop TLB
Max: Stage 5-E TLB
Don Paccin: Character

(DFK images credit Magma Dragoon)


More rigorous to reach, more difficult to defeat, Inbachi is the final boss of the final DDP game, Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou. She is a separate transformation of Hina. For either boss, Hina appears in her human form before growing wings and attacking. Inbachi, unlike Hibachi, has a purple aura around her and she battles you in a different locale. In order to reach this outlandishly difficult boss, you must collect all bees on all stages, you cannot die or use any bombs at all. In addition you must reach a rank of 30 (for Shot & Laser) or 40 (for Expert).



Zatsuza is a special TLB for DFK: Black Label. You can reach this boss in BL (BL Novice is acceptable too). Therefore you can fight this boss in DFK: BL via retail disc or via DLC (unlike HIVAC below).

The requirements to face Zatsuza are rather rigorous. By completing these and defeating Taisabachi, you will face off against this special final boss rather than Hibachi. Now, I've never faced Zatsuza before but doesn't it look just like Hibachi's second form?

Choose Strong Style
No Deaths (including Taisabachi)
Use 2 bombs or less (not including Taisabachi)
Defeat all bosses with full red gauge (not including Taisabachi)




HIVAC is the title used for Evaccaneer Doom, the TLB of Ketsui. Much like DFK, Ketsui featured a pair of loops, Ura & Omote and fulfilling traditional requirements will let you face this tough final boss.

HIVAC makes a special appearance in DFK: Black Label Arrange, often referred to as KetsuiPachi. Requirements for DFK:BL are slightly more lax than others (specifically no-miss requirements)

1cc all 5 stages (including Taisabachi)
All 45 hidden bees
Ura Path
Use 2 bombs or less (including Taisabachi?)

(Requirements as per Fero Swan's HIVAC video)

Stage # Mid-Boss Boss
Stage 1 Hisou Suzaku
Stage 2 -- Senkou
Stage 3 ??? Kakou
Stage 4 -- Raikou
Stage 5 -- Rankou
Stage 6 -- Ryuukou
Loop 2 TLB -- Hibachi
DoDonPachi II: BeeStorm
Stage 1 -- Suzaku
Stage 2 -- Kakou
Stage 3 -- Raikou
Stage 4 -- Unknown
Stage 5 Raikou & Rankou Kouryuu
Loop 2 TLB -- Hibachi
DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou
Stage 1 Kangaku Suzaku
Stage 2 Raisou Byakko
Stage 3 Kuura Genbu
Stage 4 Dogaku/Shingaku Seiryu
Stage 5 Raikou & Rankou Kouryuu
Loop 2 TLB -- Hibachi
DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu
Stage 1 Omote Tulip
Stage Ura Suzaku A.I.
Stage 2 Omote Pine
Stage 2 Ura Senkou Iris -> Next EXY
Stage 3 Omote Kuura 2008 Model
Stage 3 Ura Kakou Perfect
Stage 4 Omote A.I. Fake --
Stage 4 Ura Raikou Ray'n
Stage 5 Omote Perfect Shadow A (Ace)
Perfect Shadow G (Great)
Stage 5 Ura Rankou
Tsuujou Loop -- Taisabachi
Ura Loop -- TLB: Hibachi
Extra (Black Label) -- TLB: Zatsuza
Extra (BL Arrange) -- TLB: HIVAC
DoDonPachi: Maximum
Stage 1 Suzakuob Element Daughter A.I.
Stage 2 Raisou Byakko
Stage 3 Black Draft Cinderella Amber
Stage 4 Dogaku Seiryu
Stage 5 Rankou
Stage 5-E -- TLB: Hibachi
Extra Vinogradov
DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou
Stage 1 Hisou Suzaku
Stage 2 Raisou Byakko
Stage 3 IGS Scion Genbu
Stage 4 Shingako Seiryu
Stage 5 Saikou Kouryuu
Extra -- Hibachi
Extra -- TLB: Inbachi

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