5th February, 1997
The game that (really) started it all. While Don Pachi was the first title, DDP upped everything by 10 and became an instant classic. From the brutal difficulty to the impeccable chaining system to the spectacular soundtrack, DDP was (IMO) the game that began a revolution.

Released on the 5th of February, 1997 on CAVE 68000 Hardware (AKA CAVE 1st Generation Hardware) and published by Atlus, DDP continued what was set in place with Don Pachi. The game had a military-themed setting and featured a chain system of scoring. Three fighters were selectable: Type A (red) who relied on both shot and laser, Type B (green) a helicopter with rotating options and Type C (blue) with a wide shot.

The final boss was again Hibachi and once again the requirements to reach him were strict. Hardcore Gaming 101 reports you must accomplish any of the following:

  • Score at least 50 million points,
  • Collect all 13 bees in 4 of the 6 stages,
  • Do not die more than twice,
  • Max Hit Count: Type A (270), Type B (300), Type C (330)
This will let you fight Hibachi and this is a pretty legendary, iconic image. It's not in fact Hibachi's final form, however.


There were two versions of DDP. The first was the original Japanese game which was issued on the 5th of February, 1997. Dated the same was an international version which just changed the language. In addition, the awesome disclaimer was altered. Let's face it, "prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam," is pretty legendary at this point.

DoDonPachi: Campaign Version

A highly-limited edition revision to DDP exists known as Campaign Version. This is also known as DDP Blue Label (as its title screen's colors were changed to blue.)

This special board was awarded to ZBL-NAI, the winner of the Sega Saturn Championship in 1998. Reports suggest that 100 were made, however it could be as few as 1 (other reports say 2 or 3).

This arcade revision features an elevated difficulty as well as a hyper meter (a-la Dai-Ou-Jou, albeit in early form).

Sega Saturn: DoDonPachi

Released 17th September 1997, this was the first home port of DDP.

Sony Playstation: DoDonPachi

Released a year after the Saturn game (on the 10th September 1998), this is often considered the best version (even though the PS1 wasn't as powerful as the Saturn). This title actually featured a slow-down button, mapped to R1. It's actually a cool concept though today it would be considered sacrilege!

In 2010, this PS1 game was issued digitally on Sony's Japanese PSN as a PSOne classic.

A Taikenban demo disk was also issued in Japan. This was a one-level sampler allowing you to fly as any colored ship.

Sega Saturn: DoDonPachi - Sega Saturn Collection

Just a week after the PS1 version finally shipped, a re-issue of the Saturn game came out.

Microsoft Xbox 360: Instant Brain

Cave's 2011 visual novel Instant Brain contained DoDonPachi as an unlockable game alongside Nin2-Brain. This was issued in a standard and limited-edition version and was re-issued in early 2013 as part of the Cave The Best line of budget releases.

DoDonPachi / ESP Ra.De. OST

Released 6th November, 1998
Cat #: SGCD-0002
28 Tracks (1-13 = DDP)(14-28 = ESP)


DoDonPachi II / DoDonPachi OST

Released 19th September, 2001
Cat #: SCDC-00126
30 Tracks (1-20 = DDP2)(21-28 = DDP)


DonPachi / DoDonPachi / DoDonPachi II OST

Released 2nd November, 2012
Cat #: SRIN-1107
Disc 1: 46 Tracks (1-14, 46 = DP)(15-24, 44-45 = DDP)(16-43 = DDP2)
Disc 2: 46 Tracks (1-15 = DP)(16-27 = DDP)(28-46 = DDP2)
Disc 2 is prototype/unused music


DoDonPachi Gamest Volume 39: Official VHS

Complete playthrough by ZBL-NAI. 60 minutes long with a 2-page black-and-white insert.

DoDonPachi Gamest Volume 43: Official VHS

Volume 43 of Gamest VHS tapes, this one featured two complete runs. Each of K.O's runs (using Type A Laser and Type B Laser) culminates in a spectacular Hibachi finale and tops the replay shown in the superplay above.

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