Star Soldier Vs. DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou - Caravan '06 was a mobile-based collaborative effort released in 2006. Developed by Hudson and Cave, this was made available for FOMA 900i phones. I believe this was the last of the old-style releases before moving on to iPhone/iPad development.

As mobile hardware has changed drastically and both developers' original websites are no longer active, I haven't much information here. From what I gather though, this was a subscription-based game of some kind. I also believe it was a crossover of sorts, where you could fly as Caesar (the SS hero) through two DDP stages or a Type-A ship through a SS stage. As a Caravan title, it was likely a timed/high-score competition of sorts.

However, long ago I pulled some screenshots from Game Watch Impress. Sadly, beyond those and my speculation (based on an ever-fading knowledge of Japanese), I've got little for you.

Images from Game Watch Impress

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