Since its inception, the DDP series has been all about choice. Clearly avoiding bullet hell is one form, but just as important is your ship (and later your doll). For me, I prefer a more powerful laser and a faster ship but everyone is different. To truly make this a DDP compendium, we need to cover all the different ships and the dolls associated with them (in DOJ and SDOJ at least). Shall we?

Introduced in DOJ, Dolls were created to differentiate Red ship from Blue ship, etc. Each doll had attributes which affected your choice. In DOJ I chose Leinyan due to her increased laser power and I shied away from Shotia due to her poor speed. Ships often have less personality, but they're all included here anyway!


(Don Pachi)
Deployment Ship

This might not truly be worth mentioning but in several titles the ship that deploys your ship is a cool-looking craft! In Don Pachi, DDP and DFK, this ship drops you off at the start of the first stage. In some titles, it also picks you up after completing your mission as well.


EXY (FSD-002)

EXY was one of the three original dolls from DOJ and she was the expert-enhanced Element Doll. Her normal shot and laser were both strong, her speed was medium but she carried the fewest bombs.

As per Cave's DOJ page (in English!), "One of the classic proto-type built few centuries ago, which concentrated on maneuvering and arms rather than the pilot's safety." She was aimed mainly for combat effectiveness thereby not guaranteeing pilot safety. She was highly acclaimed by expert pilots.

In DFK's ending, it was revealed that EXY went into the computer system. Upon emerging, she felt the need to 're-do everything'. While she killed her pilot & was destroyed, she somehow came out of this as Next Exy (NEXY). NEXY is credited for all the events that lead up to DFK. This resurrected form was a regular final boss in DFK.


Hibachi is best known as being the TLB of many DDP titles. However, in the IOS (and Android?) version of DFK, Hibachi is also selectable as a fighter (in Smartphone Mode). This fighter is selectable by beating Hibachi or by entering a code.

Due to this, Hibachi can't relly be considered a ship/doll/fighter. However, the presence of him/her as a selectable ship earns a place in this list. Note the picture to the right represents the classic spiral firepower of this character.


As SDOJ hasn't been translated, my guesses here are poor. The easy part is that she is associated with the Type-B ship and she had a medium-width laser and her speed is average. Her likes are dog samurai (?) and dislikes are cat indecision (??). She was voiced by Kitamura Eri.

Hina: Old Element Doll Extra Z-001

Hina is not a playable character in any DDP game. However since she is an Element Doll, she's included here.

Hina was created with Saya as an experiment. They are considered 'sisters' and were designed to help the human race. However, something went wrong and rather than helping, a paradox of destroying humans was created. Hina's mission was cancelled and she was frozen.

Somewhere after this, she emerged from this and became Hibachi. Her likes are life, organisms, plants & flowers. Her dislikes are not making peace and poison.

Leinyan (DFSD-014)

Leinyan was one of the three original Element Dolls from DOJ and she was a laser-enhanced Element Doll. Her normal shot was narrow and weak but her laser was strong. She could carry up to four bombs, more than Shotia but fewer than EXY.

As per Cave's IOS DOJ page, "Created by individuals that opposed against war, Leinyan is one ELEMENT DOLL that had her "emotion" implemented." (this affects her resurrected form, the stage-4 boss Ray'n in DFK.) She was programmed to save her pilot's life and through battle she would learn about human nature.


As SDOJ hasn't been translated, my guesses here are poor. The easy part is that she is associated with the Type-C ship and while her speed is the slowest of the three main dolls, her shot width is the widest. Her likes are waves and the flow of the river, her dislikes are dried flowers. She was voiced by Mamiko Noto.

(Akai Katana)

The Orchid ship was the ship used by Kikyou & Botan in Akai Katana, the side-scrolling game Cave released in arcades and on the Xbox360. As DDP: Maximum was so heavy on fan-service (not a complaint), it wasn't surprising to see this ship included as an unlockable one. By clearing any version of stage 5 while using the Tigerschwert ship (more fan-service!) would unlock this ship! Orchid includes the same option orb found in Akai Katana but can be a challenge to use in DDP: Maximum.

(DDP: Max)

Piper (PFSD-015)

Piper was created just for the Xbox360 port of DOJ and she was a prototype for a planned mass-production of Element Dolls. She generates more hypers but has a shorter hyper duration and has no bombs (initially). Piper's programming was left incomplete.

Saya (Element Doll Extra Z-002)

Saya was an Element Doll created alongside her 'sister' Hina (Hibachi). She was created to serve her master after the experiments were discontinued. However, after Hina's transformation into Hibachi, she had a special order to destroy her.

She was designed to conceal her inner feelings but it seems she was failing in that regard and she was confused by Hibachi's betrayal. She could never forgive her for that.

Saya is associated with the Type-Z ship and she had a medium-width laser and her speed is average. Her likes are her teddy bear and dislikes include Hibachi. She was voiced by Aya Hirano.

(Don Paccin)

Shotia (DFSD-010)

Shotia was one of the three original Element Dolls from DOJ attributed to Shot Type. Her normal shot was wide & strong but her laser was weak. While she was the slowest of the dolls, she also could carry the most bombs.

As per Cave's IOS DOJ page, "Shotia was intended for combat to begin with, leaving all the "emotional" aspects out during assembling. Her mechanical characteristics leads to high devotion toward her mission and will complete her task with consistent composure.

Her ice-cool expression can be seen as if looking down on human beings repeating warfares one after another..."

She was resurrected in DFK as the regular final boss Shooty.


As SDOJ hasn't been translated, my guesses here are poor. The easy part is that she is associated with the Type-A ship and while her speed is the fastest of the three main dolls, her shot width is the narrowest. Her likes are history & tradition, and, quite reasonably, her dislikes include epidemics. She was voiced by Yukana Nogami

(DDP: Max)

A class of fighter from Ketsui, Tigerschwert was brought over to the DDP world on two occasions. The first was in the Xbox360 port of DFK: Black Label. The second was in DDP: Maximum.


(DDP: Max)

A curious, selectable fighter in the 2.0 revision of DDP: Maximum, Uoratou has an interesting background. The last time this character appeared in a Cave game was back in 1998 in Dangun Feveron (Fever S.O.S. internationally). Uoratou was a secret, hidden character in that game. However, he was featured prior to that in a title called Puzzle Uo Poko (link from World Of Arcades) which was also issued in 1998 by Cave. The character's name was apparently created from Uotarou in reverse. This is made evident by the Dangun Feveron OST which features as a BGM name entry track titled, Uotarou Is Working Absurdly. For fans of Cave, this fan-service is always appreciated!

Uo Poko

(Dangun Feveron)

Img Model # Pilot/Name
Type A n/a
Type B n/a
Type C n/a
Type A n/a
Type B n/a
Type C n/a
DoDonPachi II: Beestorm
Type A --
Type B --
Type C --
DoDonPachi: Dai-Ou-Jou
Type A --
Type B --
DFSD-010 Shotia (Shot-Enhanced Element Doll)
DFSD-014 Leinyan (Laser-Enhanced Element Doll)
FSD-002 Exy (Expert-Enhanced Element Doll)
PFSD-015 Piper (Xbox360 Only)
DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu
Do-NX-SF-25B Deltasword (Struggle Fighter)
Do-NX-AH-16B Biaxe (Assault Helicopter)
Do-NX-FB-72D Spearhead (Fighter Bomber)
Tigerschwert (Xbox360 only)(from Ketsui)
DoDonPachi: Maximum
R5F-4D Type A
Delta Sword Laser Type
Tigerschwert Lock-On Type
Orchid Bomb Type
MX-07 Uoratou Variable Type
DoDonPachi: Sai-Dai-Ou-Jou
Type A --
Type B --
Type C --
Type A (Red) Element Doll Extra A (Shuri)
Type B (Green) Element Doll Extra B (Hikari)
Type C (Blue) Element Doll Extra C (Maria)
Type D (Purple) Element Doll Extra Z-002 (Saya)

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