Cube Collection

Since starting cubing in February of 2011, I’ve amassed a decent collection. The following is a list of everything I have. All are in black plastic unless otherwise noted.

Yup, a 1×1 Cube

QJ 2×2
Lanlan 2×2 (White)
Rubik’s 2×2 (Japanese Color Scheme)

Dayan Zhanchi
Dayan Zhanchi Stickerless
Mini Dayan Zhanchi Stickerless (42mm)
ShengShou Wind
Rubik’s Standard (x2)
Cyclone Boys Jisuzhifeng Stickerless
Formula Cube (56mm)
Guo-Jia A1 (White) (Broken Core)

Variants & Shape Mods
YJ MoYu Crazy Yileng Fisher Cube
YJ Axis Cube (V2)
Eitan’s Fisher Twist
Z-Cube Penrose Cube
LimCube Dreidel Cube
Gear Cube (KO)
DianSheng Diamond Tank (Flat Diamond Cube)
DianSheng 3/4 Diamond Cube (Don’t know this title)
Frosted Mirror Blocks
ShengShou Mirror Blocks
MoYu Mirror Windmill Cube
ShengShou Pyramorphix (Stickerless)
ShengShou Mastermorphix (Stickerless)
Pyramorphix (Unbranded)
Lanlan Void Cube
YJ Windmill Cube
YJ Fisher Cube (Broken!)
Case Cube
MoYu AoSu 4×4 Windmill Cube
FangShi LimCube 2×2 Ghost Cube

Rubik’s 4×4 (x4)
ShengShou v3 4×4
QiYi MoFangGe Snow Leopard 4×4 (Stickerless)

Bigger Cubes
ShengShou 5×5
Mini YJ 5×5 (Restickered with V7 stickers)
V-Cube 6×6
V-Cube 7×7
MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7x
ShengShou 8×8
ShengShou 9×9
ShengShou 10×10

Calvin’s 4x4x6
Carl’s Bubbloid 4x4x5
MF8 3x4x5
WitEden Camouflage 3x3x4 (Broken Center Piece)
C4U 3x3x5 (Fully Functional)
C4U 3x3x5 (Missing!)
C4U 3x3x7
QJ 3x3x1 (Super Floppy Cube)
Mirror Blocks 3x3x1
YJ Ghost Floppy 3x3x1
QJ 3x3x2
DianSheng Crazy 3x3x2
Z-Cube 2x2x3
Custom 2x2x1 (Broken)
Siamese Mirror Blocks
Rubik’s 2x2x4

Other Puzzles
Curvy Copter
LanLan Face-Turning Octahedron
LanLan Flower Rex Cube
QiYi Ivy Cube
MoYu Redi Cube
Dino Cube
Smaz’s Dino Cylinder
Rainbow Cube
QJ Skewb
MoZhi Diamond Skewb (Four Colors)
Mefferts Skewb Ultimate (Keychain)
Mefferts Pyrastar (Keychain)

‘Minx Puzzles
QJ Pyraminx
ShengShou Master Pyraminx (White)
ShengShou Kilominx
Dayan Megaminx (Stickerless)
QJ Megaminx
MF8 Gigaminx

Non Twisty Puzzles
Rubik’s Magic
Rubik’s Triamid
Rubik’s Tangle
Rubik’s Twist
Rubik’s 360

Puzzle Collection - Summer 2016

Puzzle Collection – Summer 2016

Cube Collection - Winter 2015

Cube Collection – Winter 2015

Cubing Collection - Autumn 2013

Cubing Collection – Autumn 2013

Cube Collection - Spring 2012

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