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DDP:DFK New High Score (1.27 Billion)

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Like It's 2004 All Over Again!

Using Type-B/Bomb (n00b, I realize), I just racked up 1.27 billion. I made it to the boss of level 4 and see where there are many possibilities for higher scores. My goal is to figure out alternate paths (I know how to do level 1, just never manage to make it fast enough) and to work on really understanding why I lose my chains so often. Some moments I have several seconds of no activity without losing it, others, it happens really quickly. Is it just like the GP meter in DOJ?

TOTALLY digging this game BTW. It looks like the different styles (power/strong) will give me plenty to work on and opportunities to destroy my record. That’s the goal, of course.

Video: DDP:DOJ First Level Chain

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OK, there’s no audio here, and like I mentioned below, I think I lost the save file for this replay, so this is it. I finally accomplished this in late 2005 after a long time of practice. DoDon Pachi: Dai-Ou-Jou is one of the most strict, brutal games out there, so I consider this an amazing accomplishment and one of my highlights as a gamer. A complete level 1 chain, 809 hits!!! Hit full screen, and check this out. I’ll likely never be able to recreate this again!

[jwplayer mediaid=”150″]

DDP:DOJ: Level 1 Chain

DoDon Pachi: Dai-Fukkatsu Get!

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It arrived. It finally arrived! The near-four-year wait has ended. DDP:DFK! OK, it’s really DoDon Pachi: Resurrection. Whatever. Dai-Fukkatsu! So psyched!

I did a few runs, got somewhat accustomed to the systems. The Arrange modes bewilder me, but those can wait. I think I managed 360 million after a few runs. Chaining is obviously a lot easier than in DOJ.

Did I express my utter euphoric excitement? Well, to put things in perspective, here’s my old DDP:DOJ Log. Yeah, I was pretty into the game. I’m going to have to convert over my Stage 1 Chain video from DOJ. Come to think of it…I’ll probably do that now. I think I lost my save game with that replay, so this is the last remnant of visual evidence that I was at one time, somewhat good at my favorite shooter series!

So, while I wait to really dig my teeth into the game, I’ll make some quick links for when I do have a moment to read.

Shmups Forums Guides/Threads



Game Art: Magna Carta (Playstation 2)

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I never played Magna Carta on the PS2. Turns out there were a few handheld games and a sequel on the 360. Somewhere on my hard drive I had a few images from the artwork of the original game. I must’ve liked them. They’re dated October of 2005, so they’ve just been sitting there for 6+ years. Enjoy!

Magna CartaMagna CartaMagna Carta

Magna Carta

Dear Lydia…

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Sorry Lydia...

Dear Lydia,

I am so sorry. Losing you was dreadful. I didn’t even know you had died.

I met Uthgerd the Unbroken. I only asked her to follow me to see if you were gone. She died in Cragwallow Slope. It wasn’t a particularly sad moment; that Bandit Marauder was a tough enemy.

But then I met Annekke Crag-Jumper. I don’t know…she’s not bad. She’s blonde, but she’s nowhere near as awesome as you. However, The Elder Scrolls Wiki tells me she has the same voice as you. I suppose I’ll hang out with her for a while. She’s married, so there are no real worries, but I’m also told I could never wed you anyways.

One day I’ll get over your loss. Today is not that day.

SSX Demo! Just Like Old Times! (This Gets Deep…)

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The First SSX


So, way back in 2000, I got a PS2 and one of the first titles I nabbed was SSX. It was a good time for the ‘extreme sports’ genre as they called it then. The game remains one of the most solid and original titles to come from the era. I don’t care if there were other snowboarding games…SSX made it sexy, fun and man those huge jumps rocked. There were two areas where I could get ??? listed. Sadly, my landlord’s kid borrowed the game (and GT4?) and I never got it back.

Fast forward to 2012. OK, I’m 36 now, but to think it’s been 12 years is almost sickening. There’s something massively disturbing about that fact. How far I had come from where I had grown up, yet how long ago that was. Cliché time…I felt like I knew so much then. I digress.

OK, whatever, it was a long goddamn time ago. I’d played SSX Tricky and put a lot of hours into SSX3 on the original Xbox. However, even That was a while ago. (edit: 9 yrs) I never liked On Tour as much. So…when a new relaunched brand was announced, I was interested. I grabbed the demo. I started writing this stupid blog.


New SSX!

Wow…This is pretty cool. The tutorial song is…wow, I don’t know. Reminds me of some different time. I start playing the actual game. It’s…it’s…exactly the same, really. What IS THIS?

I actually felt a tinge of nostalgia for times past while playing SSX. It was strange. It was 2000 all over again. Living in the bodega in Bay Shore. The debauchery (heh). Those white couches and that glass table. Coming home from lunch w/ Mat and…what was his name? He was shaped like a pear. He was a nice guy. It was strange. It was exactly what I wanted from an SSX game and that game was 12 years ago. Sure, it’s HD, everything looks and sounds better than that old piece of shit TV I had…but it was like old times and I loved every second of it. I even loved that tutorial song, for some reason.

OK, I return to being a husband, a father, a teacher. However, there’s something so beautiful about that time. It wasn’t all perfect, I’m not that delusional. It was just pretty beautiful (and the Yankees had just won their third World Series in a row…that may have something to do with it.)


I have absolutely no clue why I enjoy this song so much…

I Was Wrong: PSVita For Me After All!!! \m/

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Since I expected not to have a Vita, it was a surprise to me when my destiny brought me to the local Wal-Mart to purchase one. En route home, I mentioned to my middle daughter how I can recall the details of every major videogame hardware purchase. I can recall the first and second PS1, my PS2, PS3, Xbox, 360, DC, N64, Wii, GBA, GBA SP, NDS, PSP, and whatever else there might be in there. I shan’t forget this one!

I grabbed a PSN card and got Super Stardust on the PSN and later the Blob game, whatever it’s called. I bought an 8Gb card (man, 32Gb should’ve cost that much…particularly seeing as how the soccer game alone is 3Gb) and downloaded some demos.

Verdict? It’s a strange time for the handheld market. I can’t say it does much my phone or my (school’s) iPad does. However, it’s a gaming device and nowadays we look for our systems to do so much more. It’s one reason I am not excited at all about the next Xbox/Playstation. Everything is integrated so well into this current generation. While I love love love graphic improvements, I feel as if that’s the only major draw to the next gen. That and touchscreen gamepads. I have a phone already, thanks.

So, the system…sweet. It’s smooth, responsive, looks fucking sexy, and is the most powerful handheld on the market. Look at those specs! Look at that OLED screen! Now…it’s all about keeping the gaming market up. Having solid A titles with smaller, more digestible arcadey games like the phone/Apple market so adores. I must admit I felt really guilty…but I also know that I will remember the glory of this day, the unpacking, the first glimpses of what new hardware is all about. So awesome.

No PSVita For Me… :(

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Having run PTH for more than a dozen years, I got used to having the latest and the greatest. Sadly, the site’s demise came when the series truly went downhill. This means the Vita will be the first new hardware I’ll miss (don’t really count the 3DS). I may head over to Wal-Mart today to see, but I don’t really need it, do it? :( So sad…


No Vita For Me

DoDon Pachi: Dai-Fukkatsu…Soon!

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Lots of posts today, catching up…

So, I’m waiting on DoDon Pachi: Dai-Fukkatsu. It should be here any day now. It was released in May of 2008 and I’ve been waiting ever since. While I have low expectations (It’ll never match DDP:DOJ, let’s face it), I don’t care. It’s DDP. More when I get it!

Edit: Still waiting!!!

Edit: STILL WAITING!!! (shipped the 5th)

Skyrim Logo

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Just because it’s awesome…



And…Just because she’s gone…forever. :(

Lydia...I'm still sad.

Lydia...I'm still sad...