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Mini-Review: My Dying Bride – The Manuscript

Posted in Best / Worst, Blog, Music, Reviews on May 14, 2013 by slateman

The ManuscriptAnother EP from the kings of EPs. I recall a time when they had 2 LPs and 3 EPs and it was all downhill after that – in a sense. I recall The Angel And The Dark River and it took them a few years (and one interesting experiment) to get back to excellence. And since 1999, it’s been pretty consistent. The Dreadful Hours may be my favorite, Songs Of Light… not so good. A Line Of Deathless Kings came out in 2006 and since then, while solid, I haven’t been blown away. I like the stuff, but am not wowed and don’t tend to play any of the records/EPs/singles. I definitely liked the orchestral record and The Barghest O’Whitby is an excellent if not tough listen due to its length.

That long intro leads us to this four-song, half-hour offering that is both perfect in its duration and its quality. This stuff is fantastic, culling the best riffs and mood MDB has to offer from their vast catalog of sounds. From Var Gud Over Er‘s classic death growls to the chilling mood of the outro (Only Tears To Replace Her With), this EP is just about perfect. It’s got everything that the band does well. If that is considered playing it safe, then I hope for another LP of familiar safety. And in only one day of listening (four songs, remember), it’s up there with Amorphis’ Circle as the best of the year. Everything I love about MDB is right here. A+!!!

A Good Month For Metal!

Posted in Best / Worst, Blog, Music on May 13, 2013 by slateman

Seventh SwamphonyOver the next month we’ll be treated to some exciting new metal releases! In fact, this is the biggest influx of new metal albums in recent memory. It’s simply impossible for them all to underwhelm, right? Let’s see what’s coming out. This is all stuff that’s set for release over a six-week period! I’m pretty psyched…that much should be clear.

My Dying Bride – The Manuscript (13th May)
Dark Tranquillity – Construct (27th May)
Megadeth – Super Collider (4th June)
Children Of Bodom – Halo Of Blood (7th June)
Summoning – Old Mornings Dawn (7th June)
The Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack (11th June)
Kalmah – Seventh Swamphony (17th June)
Amon Amarth – Deceiver Of The Gods (24th June)

I’m really psyched for the MDB, hoping for good things. The rest are pretty obvious. Strange that Dark Tranquillity still hasn’t released album art. The record comes out in two weeks!

R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

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The Big 4 - Metallica. Slayer. Megadeth. Anthrax.They come and they go. People we don’t know, never met or spoke to, but who inspired or impressed us. Jeff Hanneman, the iconic lead guitarist of Slayer, the best live band I’ve ever seen (9x to be precise), is dead. Why should I care? He hasn’t played in Slayer full-time in two years. I’m not altogether in love with any new album in the past two decades. So…what’s the deal?

I’m bummed. There’s something about this that transcends Peter Steele, Layne Staley, Clive Burr or even Dimebag Darrel (though his was different because of circumstance.) This is because Jeff Hanneman was me. He was all of us. A normal guy, a scrappy metalhead who transcended fandom to become a legend. Is that glorifying a musician in a band whose songs include lyrics about Nazis, Satan and a whole lotta death? Hell yeah, and that is because the music was just that good. Today’s iPod rotation was a healthy dose of SLAYER! And while I don’t listen to the last few records, none are bad. They don’t have any miserable Countdown To Extinction, Black Album, I Hear Black, or Sound Of White Noise in their catalog. This band epitomized just about everything I love about music, about metal. And…to reiterate, they were the best band I’ve ever seen.

And maybe Jeff would’ve never rejoined the band, but it was always there in my mind that it could happen. Now it can’t. I think Gary Holt is one of the best guitarists out there. But he’s no Jeff Hanneman. I’m friggin’ bummed. I don’t know why it’s so bad. I can’t say it’s because he was SLAYER, can I? Would you understand?

Have you ever heard that one person at any show yelling it? 25 minutes before the band starts, during setbreak, during the tailgate. If you’ve heard it, you know…and if that is no more (the source, not the yelling), then it is a sad day indeed. Goddamnit…this sucks.

New Bone Fire MP3: Thirteen III

Posted in Blog, Downloads, MP3s, Music on May 3, 2013 by slateman

With the wife & kids downstate, tonight is the first night to myself in over a year. Plans? Nothin’. Record some metal, play some games, awesome! So, I whipped this one together and in the end…it sounds fucking heavy!!! Wow…I’m quite happy with it! Time to dance around the Bone Fire. \m/

[jwplayer mediaid=”1393″]