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2016 In Music: What’s Left?

Posted in Best / Worst, Blog, Lists, Music on July 31, 2016 by slateman

Jumalten AikaI don’t care how predictable this might seem but Moonsorrow’s latest opus is album of the year and nothing in the remaining five months has a chance of dethroning it. There. Done. Well, that’s all good, but surely there’s something good left in the world, isn’t there? There always is, some more promising than others. Why not pause to recap what’s the best so far and then see what’s coming up.

2016’s Best So Far

  • Moonsorrow: Jumalten Aika
  • Amon Amarth: Jomsviking
  • JK Flesh: Rise Above
  • Abbath: Abbath
  • Final: Live Reprocessed | Birmingham 2009
  • October Tide: Winged Waltz

Not sure how good the remaining stuff will be. Will that be my top 6 of the year? WEAK!

2016’s OK…

  • Katatonia: The Fall Of Hearts
  • Borknagar: Winter Thrice
  • Megadeth: Dystopia

There are some bad fucking albums I just couldn’t even muster the energy to list (Anthrax). Some I couldn’t even muster the strength to listen to yet. (Ihsahn)

2016’s To Come!

  • Skeletonwitch: The Apothic Gloom
  • Insomnium: Winter’s Gate
  • Council Estate Electronics: Arktika
  • Alcest: Kodama
  • Opeth: Sorceress
  • Soilwork: Death Resonance
  • Testament: Brotherhood Of The Snake

It’s weird. Skeletonwitch is a four-song EP. I’ve heard two songs already. One is fantastic. One not so much. Hard to get jived for two songs. Insomnium’s last wasn’t great. Same goes for CEE and Alcest as well (they were the friggin’ best). Opeth? Don’t know why I even hope any more. Their first three records are masterpieces. Finally, Soilwork is just a collection. Two new songs, a few Japanese extras and a bunch of stuff I already have. Man…Moonsorrow will have to carry 2016 on its broad shoulders. See what the mighty Testament can conjure up!

SFV Snapshots

Posted in Artwork, Best / Worst, Blog, Games, Street Fighter on July 9, 2016 by slateman

Ibuki’s arrival spawned a renewed interest in SFV and the story mode was really quite enjoyable. I took some snaps, figured I’d share with you all. It starts with my silver trophy for 100 wins. Kinda proud of that one. Of course, I have more than 200 losses to go with that!!! The rest are just misc. shots I liked. Enjoy!!!

100th Win!  (More than 200 losses...)

100th Win!

Classic Matchup!

Classic Matchup!

Story Mode's Ending

Story Mode’s Ending

Love SFV's style

Love SFV’s style



A handshake

A handshake

Cammy deliberating

Cammy deliberating

Goofy Duo

Goofy Duo

SFV: A Shadow Falls – Dolls!

Posted in Best / Worst, Blog, Games, Street Fighter on July 8, 2016 by slateman

We all know that Cammy broke free of Vega’s grasp and he later commissioned a dozen similar fighters from around the world. These were only truly expanded upon in SFZ3 with Juri & Juni, both of Germany. In USFIV, Decapre appeared. However, in the new story mode of SFV, all nine other dolls were represented. While the story has been critiqued by many, I embraced the single-player experience and fully enjoyed the absurdity of the tale and the gravity of the Guile/Nash battle. The appearance of all the dolls, each with unique moves, made me smile. Therefore I tossed up a section highlighting them and comparing their appearances with the small cameo many of them had in SFZ3. It’s the usual unnecessary stuff I put up on my sites. Click the images for the full gallery!

Diamond Skewb Tutorial + Jaws DEATH

Posted in Best / Worst, Blog, Cubing, Guides, Personal, Video on July 8, 2016 by slateman

A pair of recently-uploaded YouTube videos follow. The first is the long-gestating tutorial for the Diamond Skewb. I tried to make this video twice and both times the puzzle exploded on me. That just let pieces everywhere and no inspiration to fix/record a movie. So, I finally got around to it. This is an update to my Skewb & Skewb Diamond Algorithms post from last year.

The second video is just stupidity. This is from when I went to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2003. Mat and I were on the Jaws exhibit and as he rose from the depths, I got my camera right on in there and then…DEATH. Absurd. Don’t watch this, it’s a waste of your life.

New Bone Fire MP3: 1601

Posted in Blog, Downloads, MP3s, Music on July 2, 2016 by slateman

Time to start naming these fuckers…I had an epiphany and I think this should start sounding better than before. Here’s just a sample track, testing levels and new effects. Enjoy!

Bone Fire: 1601