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Dark Souls 3: Thoroughly Enjoying!

Posted in Best / Worst, Blog, Bloodborne, Games on October 22, 2023 by slateman

I played Demon’s Souls when it appeared on PS+ ages ago and didn’t warm up to its difficulty and when Bloodborne came out, I felt the same. However, eventually, I returned to the latter title and it changed my gaming life forever. Afterwards, I dipped my toes in to Dark Souls Remastered and Dark Souls 3, never finishing either. A few weeks ago, I thought I should revisit the third entry into the renowned franchise, but I didn’t particularly wanted to pay the price tag right now. Also, Super Mario Wonder was coming out in a few days!

At the used bookstore two weekends ago, I found a budget bin full of games. Most were Xbox 360 and PS3 titles with a smattering of Wii games. Amidst the stack of DVD cases was one blue one: Dark Souls 3! For $4! Thus, I’ve sunk two dozen hours into the game in two weeks and am thoroughly enjoying it! I benefit from years of guides and videos and wikis.

Now, Super Mario Bros. Wonder just came out and so far…I like it. Today, however, I spent most of my gaming time playing Dark Souls 3. I think that says a lot. Anyhow, just some snapshots for now. See if I actually end up beating this game!