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Tomb Raider: First Thoughts

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I got Tomb Raider from my favorite service, GameFly yesterday and have managed to squeak out maybe 45 minutes of gameplay. First impressions? Awesome! Crystal Dynamics couldn’t really go the Uncharted route…and seeing how UC ripped off TR in the first place, what could the developer do? Well, what they’ve done is revamp Lara Croft entirely and craft a spectacular new style of game. I’m super psyched to play through the rest of this, foregoing even God Of War to do so. That’s saying a lot. The snapshot above looks like it’s straight out of UC actually. However, I most certainly am not complaining. Now, if I only didn’t have to take that photo w/ my phone. Perhaps if there were a Share button on my gaming controller……. :D

New Cubing Record: 2×2 – 9.66!!!

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Wait…what? TWO records on the same day? I haven’t done the 2×2 for speed since…September of 2011! So, since I had such a great 3×3 run (still psyched about that!) I grabbed my old white LanLan (which isn’t nearly as good as the QJ I have at home) and the first run I did came out at 9.66 seconds! WOW. Seriously…two records on the same day! I think this 9.66-second run is certainly a breakable record. Maybe I’ll try a few more runs!


New Cubing Record: 3×3 – 31.75!!!

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My stickerless Zhanchi is still my favorite cube ever, but today I decided to bring to work both my Zhanchis. I could never really figure out why I prefer the stickerless. Why does it turn so much better? Would my times be crap on the standard, black, stickered cube? I pumped out three crazy fast runs: 35.96, 37.73 and then…


Wow! Now…I’ve gotten to the point where .23 seconds is a vast improvement; this is unlike the old days where I could break a record by 3, 5, 10 seconds! Less than a quarter of a second is still a new personal best! However, what I’m really impressed by is the ability to get repeated low-30s. This is my second sub-32 and, with some additional luck, maybe the sub-30 is possible! That would be pretty sweet. Today is a good day!!!