Game Completion Lists

As I’ve done a few of these via posts, I figured it’d be easier to update as a dedicated page. Let’s see how this goes.

I wrote about this in early 2015 and things have of course changed since then. There have been a lot of RE, games and I’ve played a majority of them. Let’s look at these titles and the progress I made on each one.

Game Platform Played? Beaten?
Resident Evil PS1 Borrowed from a friend
Didn’t complete
Resident Evil 2 PS1 Beat both campaigns
That was 20 yrs ago!
Resident Evil 3 PS1 Never even touched!
Bit late now, I fear
RE: Code Veronica DC Barely Touched
Gave up at this point
RE: REmake GC
Too scared on GC
Beat on PS4 + speedrun
RE Zero GC
Got farther on PS4.
Kinda dislike this game
Outbreak PS2 My E3 Game of the Year
Played, but didn’t beat
Outbreak 2 PS2 I tried it
But Don’t think I got far
Resident Evil 4 GC
Beat five times
What’s wrong with me?
Umbrella Chronicles Wii
Beat on Wii
Got far into PS3 version
Darkside Chronicles Wii
Never beat either.
Got bored both times
Resident Evil 5 PS3
Love it! Platinum on PS3.
Beat on the other two
Revelations PS3 Yes
Fun, pretty good
Revelations 2 PS4 Yep.
Liked – Didn’t love
Resident Evil 6 PS3 Beat all campaigns.
Dragged on and on…
RE VII PS4 Yes + speedrun. Mia on Madhouse = too hard!
Resident Evil 2 Remake PS4 Beat Claire’s, not Leon’s.
Solid game

Before GOW4 came out, I discussed my history including the order in which I played and replayed these games. Unlike other series, there’s actually only one game I never completed and that’s just due to boredom and mediocrity.

The order I went through these great titles is as follows:

1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 3, A, COA, GOS, 4

The first three were PS2, then three on the PS3. Then the remaster of GOW3 was on the PS4 before three more on the PS3. 2018’s GOW was on the PS4 as well. It’s kind of crazy. For brevity, remastered games are listed with an asterisk. I never completed the PSP games on the original hardware.

Game Platform Notes
God Of War PS2 Beat twice
God Of War II PS2 Completed once
God Of War III PS3 Of Course!
God Of War (*) PS3 Still Great!
God Of War II (*) PS3 Impressive!
God Of War III (*) PS4 BRUTAL
God Of War: Chains Of Olympus (*) PS3 Good Game
God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta (*) PS3 Great Game!
God Of War: Ascension PS3 Never Beat!
God Of War (2018) PS4 Platinum


I’ve replayed almost every major entry into my #2 favorite game series ever and the itch still remains. With four Game Of The Years, it’s no real surprise. This game series is legendary and while I’m sad it’s over, it’s for the best.

Game Platform Beaten?
MGS PS1 Beat twice IIRC
MGS 2 PS2 & PS3 Once On Each – The Worst!
MGS 3 PS2 & PS3 Once On Each – The Best!
MGS IV PS3 Beat Twice
MGS: Peace Walker PS3 Beat once
MGS V: Ground Zeroes PS4 Beat once
MGS V PS5 Another GotY
Metal Gear Ac!d PSP Never Played
Metal Gear Ac!d 2 PSP Never
MGS: Portable Ops PSP Never